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The Ultimate Guide To Mission Hill For Northeastern Students

The Ultimate Guide To Mission Hill For Northeastern Students

Oh, Mission Hill. From your troupes of freshman strolling the streets at night to your occasional Pru views, you’ve caught the hearts of many Northeastern students. Beyond just the cheap housing and lively party atmosphere, these are some of the spots that make you, you.

1. Lilly’s Pasta

Lilly’s Pasta is a great alternative to bouncing back and forth between pizza and Chinese takeout. Their chicken parm is to die for and they have a great location on Tremont.


2. Fuentes

Good ole’ Fuentes, full of party people and the occasional sketch ball outside the door. Just don’t take your shitty fake here as it will get confiscated faster than you can say “Sam Adams”.



3. Penguin Pizza

Penguin Pizza is delicious and is actually quite decent to go and sit down at. It definitely beats out the likes of UHOP, BHOP, and dare I say even Cappy’s.

4. Hillside Market

Hillside Market is there for ya when you need to run out for a pint of Ben and Jerry’s but can’t be bothered to walk more than three minutes. There’s even a cat that walks around this store!


5. Kush Groove

Whenever you need any paraphernalia for ahem tobacco, Kush Groove comes in clutch. The workers are super chill there and they even have the occasional in-store party.

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6. Mission Bar & Grill

Mission Bar & Grill is full of young professionals grabbing a pint. They’re probably there to relax after a long day of being smart and doctor-ly over in the Longwood area. The Mission Bar & Grill also has a great brunch. Yay for great brunches!


7. The Mission Hill Biker Gang

So, this isn’t quite a place, but makes the Hill special (and slightly frightening) nonetheless. Behold the Mission Hill Biker Gang, full hooligans zooming around motorcycles, dirt bikes, and even ATVS. It’s a rare sighting, but when you see this biker gang, you’ll KNOW who they are immediately.

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