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The Ultimate Guide To CSUN Financial Aid

The Ultimate Guide To CSUN Financial Aid

Applying for financial aid at California State University Northridge can be daunting. Consider these tips to help you apply for CSUN financial aid!

The financial aid process is long and daunting. You can start in October, but expect for it to take until at least April – of course that’s stressful! To make sure you stay on top of things at California State University Northridge and don’t miss a single step, follow this comprehensive guide to CSUN financial aid!

1. Keep track of deadlines!

Your FAFSA is due by March 1st if you want to be considered under the priority application date for CSUN financial aid. This essentially means you have a greater chance of getting more money – something every college student dreams of hearing. So make sure to get it done well before the deadline in case any issues come up!


2. Use the CSUN financial aid resources to your advantage.

You can walk into CSUN’s financial office (located in Bayramian Hall) if you want to meet one-on-one with a counselor! This is a great way to get any questions answered and help you out if you’re feeling confused. If you aren’t close to campus, there are online resources as well; CSUN’s site is filled with information, and they can be contacted by phone (818-677-4085) or by e-mail at


3. Know each document that you’ll need to submit.

Like I said before, you’re definitely going to have to submit the FAFSA. You’ll need your parents’ 2017 tax returns and income info on hand (as well as your own) when you’re filling out the FAFSA. In some cases, you might be selected for further verification, so you may have to add that to the list of things to do! If you aren’t eligible to fill out the FAFSA, you may need to fill out the California Dream Act Application instead. Be sure to contact the financial aid office and make sure you’re filling out the right forms.


4. Follow CSUN’s financial aid instructions for a worry-free experience!

Take a look at CSUN’s super detailed instructions on how to apply for financial aid if you’re feeling lost. Bookmark the page and refer back to it (or call the office!) if you’re stuck at any point.

5. Where will I see my financial aid reward?

You’ll receive your financial aid notification through e-mail. The e-mail will have further instructions to look up detailed financial aid information on the myNorthridge Portal.


6. When will I find out my financial aid award?

CSUN starts awarding students towards the end of April, so be on the lookout and refresh your e-mail constantly starting then!



7. Don’t forget about confirming your enrollment!

CSUN doesn’t charge an enrollment deposit, but they do ask that you submit your Intent to Register online by May 1st, 2017, so don’t forget! You don’t want to lose your place in the incoming class.

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8. How much will it cost?

A detailed breakdown of CSUN’s cost of attendance is available here.

A typical year at CSUN costs about $20,554 if you’re in-state and live on campus, which is broken down like this:

  • Tuition/fees: $6,582
  • Books and supplies: $1,600
  • Room & board: $10,272
  • Transportation: $614
  • Personal: $1,416
  • Loan fees: $70

9. What does an average CSUN student get for financial aid?

The average aid given at CSUN is pretty decent and definitely a promising number – CSUN students get an average of $11,128 in financial aid!


10. You can have your financial aid award reviewed and it can always be appealed if the situation calls for it.

If something unexpected happens, CSUN understands, and allows for you to appeal under extraordinary circumstances. To do so, go to this page and submit the income appeal forms to have your financial aid package reviewed.

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