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The Ultimate Guide To Cornell University Financial Aid

The Ultimate Guide To Cornell University Financial Aid

Financial aid is always a difficult topic but if you follow this guide to Cornell University financial aid, you can afford your dream school!

College is sweet, but let’s be real – paying for it definitely isn’t. The Cornell University financial aid program will absolutely be a money-saver when it comes to paying for school, but it can be stressful. It isn’t too hard to stay organized, though, as long as you follow this guide to Cornell University financial aid!

1. Stay on top of the financial aid application deadlines!

The deadlines for Cornell financial aid differ depending on the type of applicant you were, so be aware of your own specific deadline so you don’t miss out on any potential aid! Early decision freshmen were required to submit their financial aid applications by November 22nd. Regular decision freshmen must have all financial aid documents submitted by February 15th.

2. Be aware of the contact information for the financial aid office and take advantage of their resources.

Contacting Cornell Financial Aid is a vital part of paying for school. The process can be intimidating and confusing, so having a support system at your fingertips is extremely helpful! The Cornell Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment resources begin at their website.
The office can also be contacted by phone at 607-255-5145 (Monday-Friday from 10AM-4PM) or by e-mail at Other resources available include counselor walk-in hours Monday-Friday 12:30-3:30 PM, so if you’re near campus, you should definitely take advantage of this!



3. Keep track of what documents you need to submit.

If you’re just beginning the financial aid process, you’re definitely going to feel overwhelmed. Easy ways to handle the stress of financial aid is by using the resources available at Cornell, by staying organized, and by keeping track of what it is you need to submit. Cornell students have to submit the following in their applications for financial aid:

  • The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), located here.
  • The 2017-2018 CSS Profile, located here.
  • IDOC documents, such as your Financial Aid Application Certification, your Federal Verification documents (if required), and both you and your parents’ 2015 tax returns, located here.
  • If your parents were divorced or never married, you also need to complete the Non-Custodial Parent Profile, located here.


4. Make sure you closely follow all of Cornell’s application requirements!

Further detailed instructions can be found on Cornell’s website. Be sure to follow every step to make sure you get the most financial aid possible to help pay for school! You can also use their Cornell To-Do List to stay on top of all the requirements.

5. Keep an eye out for your notification in mid-December or early April.

Your financial aid notification date depends on the time you applied to Cornell. If you applied as an Early Decision Freshman, expect your financial aid notification during mid-December. If you applied Regular Decision, you should be notified early April!


6. It’s finally time to see your financial aid award!

When a decision is made, Cornell will notify you and direct you to this website. Here, you will be able to view your final financial aid amount!

7. Be sure to send your deposit on time!

After you see your financial aid amount, the school asks that you send in an admission deposit of $400 to confirm that you’ll be attending Cornell! Once again, the due date for your deposit depends on when you applied.
For Early Decision freshmen, the deposit is due early January. For Regular Decision freshmen, the deposit is due on May 1st. You can submit the deposit here.

8. But… how much will it all cost?

Cornell University offers a cost breakdown on their website here.

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If you’re an in-state student, the cost of attendance is around $50,869/year. If you’re an out-of-state student, expect the cost of attendance to be a bit higher at around $67,613/year. It’s not cheap, but don’t worry – that’s what financial aid is for!


9. What’s the average financial aid amount that Cornell awards?

Out of 3,000+ first-year students in the class of 2018, about 1500 received Cornell University financial aid. The average awarded amount for grants/scholarships/financial aid for a Cornell student is $38,758.

10. And lastly, know that you can always appeal your financial aid award.

If you feel like you have special circumstances that might alter your financial aid award, you can always appeal. Cornell also offers to match any need-based offer from another Ivy League institution. For more information on how to appeal your financial aid award, go here.

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