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The Ultimate Guide To Camping As A Vacay Option

The Ultimate Guide To Camping As A Vacay Option

When vacation breaks are about to start, we usually don’t have big plans planned out before. Or maybe we wanted to travel but we can’t afford it. Well, camping is the solution to your problems, especially if you haven’t camped before. Vacations are a great time to start with this hobby! But as always is not something you should do without previous preparation or at least without reading a few tips and tricks for beginner campers. It also helps a lot if you go camping with someone who has already a bit of experience in the area. Camping is also a good vacay option to take with your friends or other half! Since it could be turned into a low-budget activity, you will all surely enjoy it.

The Ultimate Guide To Camping As A Vacay Option

Plus, you get to go out of your comfort zone and connect with nature, breath fresh air and have a great time! Camping is also a great opportunity to detox from social networks, TV series, the internet and all the world revolving electronics. Some people have as a tradition of going camping with their families and friends at least once a year as a way of reconnecting with the;  some take their pets and kids to have a different time or with to enjoy time by themselves in the peacefulness of nature.

1. Know Where You Are Going To Go

After you decided you wanted to go camping one of the first things you should do is decide where you are going to go camping. There are existing areas, known as local campgrounds, where they provide you with tents, bathrooms, electrical hookups, running water and sometimes they even have a place where you could buy food and other stuff. For first-timers going to a place like this is a great choice! But if you want the complete adventure package, then research on a secure area around you that you could go camping.

You could go camping around a lake, the mountains, the woods or even at the beach, the choices are actually endless! You could also decide to go to a cabin campaign, where you don’t have to sleep in a tent, and sometimes they even have camping related activities. This type of camping is usually done in large groups or as a field trip for high schools.

The Ultimate Guide To Camping As A Vacay Option

2. The Camping Gear You Should Have

If you decided to go to a local campground or a cabin, you probably won’t be needing that much gear as if you go camping to the wilderness by your own. Some essentials include a tent that should be really secure to the ground to avoid it flying in the middle of the day or when you are lying inside. Avoid tents that are tarp less since this could keep you dry if it rains. Lighting is also a must when you go camping, be sure you have enough candles, matches, lanterns and flashlights with extra batteries to provide most of the illumination.

If you are taking kids, make sure each has a flashlight to keep with them at night. You could also bring some newspapers to help you start a fire easily, collapsible chairs, duct tape, and trash bags are some other items you should take with you when camping.

The Ultimate Guide To Camping As A Vacay Option

3. What Food You Should Take

Not every food you like is suitable to take to camping. The best advice you could take regarding the food matter is to plan beforehand the meals you might likely prepare and based on that get the ingredients you need. Be sure to pack things that can last long without refrigeration needed, for example, peanut butter sandwiches are a great option for breakfast and they won’t go bad—plus they have enough protein to provide you with energy for the day. Some people also like to take powder milk, pasta, grain or bread as part of their non-perishable foods.

Avoid foods that are full of sugar or that will be heavy on your stomach, since those won’t help you on your camping days since they will make you lose energy. Snacks are also a big part of the foods you should take since they are easy to carry and fast to eat. For example, you could take carrot sticks, grapes, oranges or apples. As far as drinks go, water is the best beverage you should have when camping!

The Ultimate Guide To Camping As A Vacay Option

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4. The Clothes You Should Take For Camping

Before going camping, you should take a look at how the weather in the place you decided to go to is going to be. And according to if it’s dry, with rain possibility, or warm, you should decide what clothes to take. Yet, the weather should not be your only concern when deciding what clothes to take. Other factors like protection from scrapes, harsh sun rays that burn your skin, or insect stings should be taken into consideration.

Garments that are quick-drying like polyester and nylon are great to take when camping. Mesh is also a good companion since it adds ventilation to the clothes. You could also use denim pants or try leggings that will protect your legs from scrapes. Layering is also a great tip when camping, especially if you are going to a cold place. Don’t forget to carry swimsuits, in case you go near a lake, caps, hats, sunglasses, gloves and several pairs of socks!

The Ultimate Guide To Camping As A Vacay Option

5. Activities You Should Try When Camping

The main point of going camping is having a fun time! It happens that sometimes we have arrived, we have everything installed and now we don’t really know what we should do next. When you have your camp area ready you could go exploring around and see what you could find or take a couple of pictures if you like photography. Hiking is also a great option if you want to involve physical activity or just taking a small stroll around. If there is a lake nearby, go and take a swim, fish or take a kayak or canoe with you if you have one.

Other people enjoy sitting around a bonfire and playing games, playing music, singing or telling stories. You could take UNO cards, play charades or a deck of regular cards and play different games to have a great time with your family or friends. Cooking is also a funny activity you could do when camping since it is not as easy as cooking at home where you have everything within reach. The important thing is to enjoy your time and make it a memorable experience!

The Ultimate Guide To Camping As A Vacay Option

Ready to go camping on your next vacay? Let us know your camping stories in the comments!

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