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The Ultimate Guide To Buying Plants For Your Room

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Plants For Your Room

Are you a lover of plants? Do you have your own house or do you stay in an apartment or dorm? Regardless, when you are interior designing your room – you should seriously consider putting in indoor plants.

Indoor plants are not just visually pleasing, but it is known to also impact your mood. They release oxygen and absorb carbon dioxide. It freshens the air inside the room and eliminates harmful toxins. Studies have shown indoor plants also improve concentration and productivity, reduce stress levels and boost your mood. It makes it the perfect addition for your house.

Indoor plants are easy to take care of. Perfect for those who don’t have an outdoor garden or limited yard space, but want to have some plants to brighten their house! Despite indoor plants being easy to take care of, there are important things to consider when choosing your plant. Here is the ultimate guide to buying plants for your room.


1. Light

When buying an indoor plant, light is important to consider. If you choose to put your indoor plant at a place with low light, this often means less growth, smaller leaves and lighter green foliage. If there is no available light for photosynthesis to occur, your indoor plant will be gone before you know it!

When you are choosing your next indoor plant, you need to choose one that will suit the amount of light in the place you are going to put it. If you are unsure – nurseries will know the best plant for you! However, too much light can also be bad for some plants. It is important to do your research. Light is like food for plants – each plant is different and they need to have the right amount!

2. Potting

It is important to consider what your indoor plant is sitting in. Good planting provides stability, oxygen, minerals and moisture to the roots. It is important to get it right!


By making sure the medium is correct (it doesn’t have to be soil, it can also be gravel and marbles), you have to make sure they have the right nutrients. Your potting medium is important to consider as if you have carpet – you don’t want the water and soil to wreck your carpet!

3. Water

This should be plain and symbol, but it is important to water your plants. One of the main killers of indoor plants is in fact too much water. Again, each plant is like a human, each plant requires a different amount of water. Don’t worry, it takes time to figure out the perfect amount. It depends on the size, what it’s planted into, the temperature, light levels AND humidity!


4. Humidity

Humidity (for those who don’t know), is the amount of moisture contained within the air. Humidity may be difficult to control, but it is important to consider as it can impact the health of your indoor plant. An area with lower humidity, it results in the plant requiring more moisture and quicker drying out. Humidity is also important because most indoor plants are from warm and humid environments.

How can you change the humidity to suit indoor plants? There are many ways to do so: by placing a selection of plants together to create a mini climate of humidity, as a selection of plants together will increase the humidity around the area. Another way is to add some mulch or gravel in a saucer of water to keep the area moist.


5. Fertiliser

 As mentioned in this guide, plants are like children. Children need food and plants need food, to help them grow. Plants need nutrients for them to grow and flourish, so it is important to give their fertiliser! For most indoor plants, they will flourish with fertiliser so apply it every 6 months.

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Here are some types of plants perfect for your bedroom, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom and living room! These types of plants are great because they are beautiful and can easily be taken care of.

Peace Lily

The perfect plant for the beginner. If you’re worried about killing a plant and that’s why you don’t want to buy an indoor plant, it’s ok – this plant is very hard to kill. If you have a place that has low humidity and low light, this plant will thrive. However, it is tough enough to handle a couple of hours in the sun and be in a little bit of humidity.


Not only do are they pretty with a beautiful pattern, but they can also help purify the air! They love a bit of sun and can be forgotten to be watered from time to time. However, if you’re giving it the right amount of attention and love, the leaves will grow and it will need to be trimmed!



Succulents are small and cute. When you buy one, there is a lot of charm and personality that comes with it. There are many choices when it comes to succulents, so you can choose the one that connects to you the most. They are great for all different types of weather and hardly need watering! However, humidity isn’t there best friend.

If you need to take one thing from this guide, it is that indoor plants are just like children. They need to be fed and given a little bit of TLC (tender, love and care). You need to make sure you give your plants attention, just as you would children. Watering the plant, feeding the plant and taking care of the plant – it is all important!


Indoor plants are great for brightening up and decorating your room. There are many different types of indoor plants to choose from. Before you decide on your indoor plant, you need to make sure you consider the 5 things on this list! Do you have a favourite type of indoor plant? Share with us your favourite indoor plants and your tips in the comments below.

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