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The Ultimate Guide To Being Single At Connecticut College

The Ultimate Guide To Being Single At Connecticut College

Whether you’re a serial monogamist just in between gigs or the dedicated Samantha of your friend group, when it comes to being single, there’s no place like college.  While being single in high school meant third wheeling and the mad scramble for a prom date, college completely turns the tables.  Between parties, bars, and the general emphasis on independence, college may be one of the few places where we singles have the upper hand.  Even at a small school like Conn, college culture really embraces singlehood.  Read on for the complete guide to being single at Connecticut College.

1. Don’t fret over being single.

During revisit day the spring before my first year at Conn, one brave future Camel dared to ask the student panel the question on everyone’s minds: “What’s the hookup culture?”  The response? An exchange of smirks and a simple “Its casual.”  Having come from a small Catholic prep school where most of my classmates mated for life, this was exactly the response I was hoping for.  That said, single life is definitely not the only life for a Camel – lots of people do date exclusively.  However, you can rest assured that at Conn, you will never be the odd one out for being single.


2. Conn is a small pond, so consider yourself warned.

While a casual dating experience is well within reach at Conn, anonymity in that lifestyle is a little harder to come by.  Sure, there are plenty of fish in the sea, but at Conn the sea is really more of a pond.  And in a pond that size, there’s a good chance you’re going to run into some of those fish again.   Probably pretty often.  Maybe every day.  Fortunately, Conn tends to be a pretty judgement free environment.  However, if you’re the kind of person that puts a big emphasis on discretion in your dating life, you may have a more difficult time maintaining that level of privacy at Conn.



3. Look beyond Conn’s small pond!

That said, while the Conn dating pool is a small one, we do have a few neighbors that have been known to get their feet wet.  Between the Coast Guard Academy down the street and the Groton Sub base across the river, there are plenty of opportunities for more variety – and a little more privacy – in your dating life.  If you’re looking for an introduction to the neighbors, let me suggest…

4. Tinder. Take advantage of dating apps!

No article about single life could be complete without a nod to everyone’s favorite app to swipe in quiet shame.  Apps like Tinder and Bumble are a great way to explore your options both on and off campus.  However, there a few things to keep in mind when it comes to Tindering that close to home.  If you haven’t yet overcome the Tinder shame we all struggle with in the beginning, then using it on campus probably isn’t the best idea.  You don’t want to accidentally swipe right on that guy you see at the gym everyday and then feel too awkward to ever go again.  Tindering for off campus prospects may seem like a safer route, but “off-campus” may end up being closer than you think.  Translation: the Coastie you’re messaging has also swiped right on every other girl at Conn.

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5. Just remember: keep it casual.

I’m not saying anyone should be rushing out to break up with their SO before school starts.  But if for whatever reason you find yourself single at Conn, you may be luckier than you think.  Just download Tinder, bring your sense of humor, and keep it casual.  After spending a semester at Conn single, you just might be happy to say “No” next time your least favorite relative asks if you’re dating anyone.


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