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The Ultimate Guide For How To Throw A Party For The Holidays

The Ultimate Guide For How To Throw A Party For The Holidays

Throwing a party for the holidays? Be sure to check out this handy guide on how to throw a party for your friends and family!

I am Russian. Believe it or not, but Russians are always eager to party and try to do that in the most outrageous, fun and luxurious ways. Since 9th grade, on the regular basis, I have been throwing parties at my apartment, country house, and recently, in the clubs. After these many years, I came up with some awesome tips I follow for how to throw a party for the holidays that is sure to be a success. If you are wondering how to throw a party this year, definitely keep reading for tips on how to throw a party for the holidays!

These are some great tips for how to throw a party for the holidays!

1. Create an event for the party on social media.

One of the first big steps is to create the event on Facebook or any other social platform. Almost everyone uses social network on the regular-day basis and even though some people are tired of receiving event invitations, it can be very helpful to create one.

Create a catchy description.

You get a chance to write down a creative and catchy description and to design the event page: upload pictures from the previous parties, funny friends’ photos and any specific uploads if needed. Creative description helps out to get people to your party.


Keep in contact with friends about the party.

It is important to have an event created on-line because you can always refer to it talking to your friends. It is also a great reminder. Meanwhile you can post new messages, photos and music to keep everyone motivated. If you want to get a lot of people to your party having an event page will save your time and help to invite all the hot girls and guys.

2. Prepare and get excited for the party yourself so others notice.

Depends on the type of the party, it is crucial to get prepared for it yourself. Whenever you put your soul into something, people feel it and get the same mood.


Decide what you are wearing ahead of time.

If it is costume party, get your costume in prior, but not the day before the event. Once you have one, start spreading the word, describe your chic costume, share your ideas and create the intrigue so that people get more desire to come and be a part of the blast. Be as excited about your upcoming crazy, unique and glorious party as you would want everybody else to be.

How to throw a party for the holidays requires you to dress up!


3. Plan the venue based on the number of people you invited, not those who RSVP’ed.

When it comes to the place you throw a party at, it is substantial to picture your place having all the people you invited.


Make sure the furniture is the way you want it and that nothing will get broken.

Try to think of how the furniture is located, all the accessories in the room, personal belongings and so on: make sure to reduce the risk of breaking stuff.

Be sure there are enough plastic cups and cutlery if you’re serving food.

Make sure there are enough plastic cups. If there is going to be food, buy plastic plates and cutlery.

Expect more people to show up than those who were invited.

Expect more people to show up than were invited: don’t get to the point where you have to urgently cut plastic bottles, cans and juice carton converting them into innovative cups (happened many times to me).


If people should BYOB, let them know ahead of time.

It would be also clever to point out if people should bring their own drinks: no one wants to experience awkward situations.

4. Prepare for music ahead of time.

One of the main and most crucial party tasks is music. Preparation is very important. It is a big deal to come up with a playlist before the party or to have someone responsible for making one; otherwise your event may become a musical chaos if your friends start to plug their phones and play their “awesome tracks”.

Talk to any neighbors in advance or be prepared to lower the party’s volume after 11 pm.

If you are concerned about neighbors make sure to talk to them in advance or be prepared to lower the sound anytime after 11 p.m.


5. Plan some kinds of activities and drinking games to keep guests entertained at first.

Also, a great idea would be to come up with any kind of activities and drinking games. (To keep people entertained until they do it themselves.) Fortunately there are so many different kinds of games nowadays.

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6. If you are throwing a theme party, create the perfect atmosphere for that theme.

If it is a theme party, create a specific theme atmosphere at your place: add furnishings and knick-knackery.


7. If you want a way to remember the party, hang a large piece of paper for people to sign.

If you want to remember this day for a long time buy a big sheet of paper, put it on the wall, and ask your friends to write what they think about the party or you being a host.

8. Be sure to take many pictures of your awesome party.

Take pictures, because they are a great memory.

9. Tell people to show up an hour before you would like the party to actually start.

At last, people tend to come later than expected. If you want the action to start at 9 p.m., tell everyone to come at 8.


10. Making sure you are relaxed and having fun yourself is the most important tip for how to throw a party for the holidays.

What is more important is once people start showing up – relax. You did all you could, invited everyone you wanted to, made all the preparations, look great, and are ready to begin. It is time to have some fun now and not to worry about anything. The more excited, hospitable and happy you are, the greater the fun will be.

Do you have any other tips for how to throw a party for the holidays? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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This is how you throw the absolute best holiday party!