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The Ultimate Gift Guide For The Jetsetter

Holidays can be a great time to think out of the box or in the sky! If you don’t really know what to get your friend that travels way too much and seems to have almost everything, think a little harder. The little things that you might think of may be something they really need! Watch what they complain about when they travel! Are they missing a product? Here are some Gifts your Jetsetter will need this holiday season!

1. Tickets To Travel

Getting tickets for someone who loves traveling is a great gift. It can be somewhere small where they have not gone yet or a place with you that you both have been wanting to go together. They’ll be happy to be traveling and getting to see new places on their bucket list! Letting your Jetsetter take off is a great way to let them see the world!

2. Noise Cancelling Headphone

Headphones are great for that Jetsetter which loves to travel, but doesn’t like outside noise from the airplane or waiting in the terminal! They can be less expensive, but the more features they have on the headphones the cozier the traveling experience will be! They can be wireless or have the band over the head, but it’s really about what they prefer.  Your Jetsetter will love this gift and will be happy to maybe take you along on their adventures because of it!

3. Water Bottle

Who can’t go wrong with a nice water bottle that stays cold for a long time or hot for a shorter amount of time? It may not seem like it, but they’ll thank you for acknowledging the struggle of waiting in line to get a plastic water bottle and give you one of the best water bottles they never knew they needed! They come in different colors and patterns that you’ll be able to find the best one for your Jetsetter!

4. Travel Skincare Kits

Taking care of your skin should be number one to you and your Jetsetter! Wherever they are, skincare can make or break a great picture moment. You wouldn’t want to forget to use cleanser in a place you don’t know much about! The experience is all about getting to know a place while your there, not before. But you don’t want to not know your face before you travel! There are many kits out there that are great! But make sure that it will have a positive effect on their faces! You wouldn’t want their skin to be not on point while traveling!

5. Jade Roller

Plane riding can be hard on the muscles and can wear on you if you travel a lot. You may not know this, but your Jetsetter friends will and appreciate you for thinking about their muscles and how they should always massage them every one in a while because pressure isn’t everyone’s friend. If your friend is always on the go and doesn’t have this cool little gadget, you’ll want to grab the Jade Roller for them this holiday season!

6. Universal Adapter

Your Jetsetter friend has been everywhere but keeps forgetting their changer almost every time. Get them an extra one for those times they forget to grab it from their hotel room or even at home. Help them gather extras so traveling can be a little easier for them! They can cost a fortune is your friend loses it out of the country depending on where they are! Universal adapters are a great gift if you know your friend loses almost everything they might bring with them traveling!

7. Travel Journal

Being able to document your traveling is great. It’s the perfect gift for your friend who keeps running out of room every trip! Whether it’s photo journaling or writing, your Jetsetter will be happy to know they have an extra journal to jot down their thoughts and experiences! They will be happy to share their experiences with you! Being able to put their travels on paper can help them retell their stories when they get home! Your friend will thank you for those blank pages you provided them!

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8. Watch

They’ll never wonder what time it is anymore after this great gift! A global watch can help ease the pain of having to keep resetting your watch every time your Jetsetter goes to a known place. It’ll turn without having to do it manually! Your friend will be happy to have you this holiday season as they will need this gift for their holiday adventure this year! You’ll be able to help them make their experience traveling great!

9. Slippers

Who wouldn’t want slippers as a gift no matter where you are going. It’s an easy way of getting the comfort your Jetsetter will need on plane rides and relaxation! Being able to walk around in shoes that are not sneakers or something fancy feels great at the end of the day. But be careful! Your friend might not like one style of slipper and prefer another! Watch out for those friends that are a little picky when it comes to what is on their feet! Ask them! What could go wrong!

10. World Travel Calendar

Calendars are great for your traveling friend. When they are home, your travel calendar can give them ideas of where to go next and have them planning years in advance! You can get them different countries or categories like oceans, deserts or if you know some places they want to go; make a calendar with pictures of the places! Your calendar will be an amazing addition to they’re room! They’ll love you for completing their dream with this calendar!

Traveling can be rough and stressful for your friends that love it anyway! These are great if you can’t think of anything that can really suit them this holiday season! Have you given these gifts before? Are you thinking about using these as gift ideas? Is there anything else we forgot? Tell us in the comments below!
Brooke Barup

Brooke is a senior at Western New England University in Springfield, Massachusetts, and is majoring in Creative Writing with a minor in Education. She is from Waterbury, Vermont, and loves her puppies and kittens which are currently at home waiting for her. Brooke is a dedicated student and spends most of her time working and study.

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