The Ultimate Festival Camping Checklist

Festivals are an amazing experience, but you need to make sure you're prepared. This is the ultimate festival camping checklist!

Festivals are so much fun and could potentially be the highlight of your summer; music, dancing, friends, camping-what more could you want? Yes, festivals are an amazing experience- but you need to make sure you’re prepared, especially if it’s an overnight camping festival. Making sure you remember to eat enough and hydrate yourself will make your festival experience even greater. So make sure to check out this ultimate festival camping checklist!

1. Food

Make sure to bring A LOT of food with you. Festival food is usually on the pricier side, and can add up very quickly! It’s very important to eat enough, especially if you’re going to be drinking!

2. Hand Sanitizer

You will be using a port-a-potty all weekend, and they will be…gross. You’ll definitely want to carry around some hand sanitizer after touching the doors of these.


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3. Fanny Pack

Fanny packs are a great and safe way to keep all of your belongings with you. (They’re also hands free!) Backpacks are an easy way for your things to get stolen without you even noticing; while a fanny pack will allow you to have your personal items in sight, at all times!
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4. Bottled Water

Water is probably the most essential item on this list. Once in the campground, you may not be able to drive out until the festival is over, which means you need to stock up on as many cases of water as you can. It’s going to be hot, and you need to stay hydrated in order to have the best possible time. Also, most festivals will allow you to bring water into the concert as long as it is unopened and sealed! Water bottles can cost around five dollars inside the festival, so bring your own and save some money!
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5. Sun Protection

Sun protection is important for many reasons at music festivals. Not only do hats, sunscreen, and sunglasses protect you from getting too much sun or from the pain of a sunburn; but they can also help you see the performances better!
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6. Ear Plugs

You are going to be living in close quarters for the next couple of days. If you want to get ANY sleep in, ear plugs are a necessity. People are going to be up and loud all night long.
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7. Bluetooth Speaker

Make sure to bring a Bluetooth speaker for all your pre-festival activities at the campgrounds. It is a great way to get the party started early!
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This is the ultimate festival camping checklist! Anything to add? Share in the comments!
This festival camping checklist is everything that you need to know and more!
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