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The Ultimate Fall Road Trip Bucket List

The Ultimate Fall Road Trip Bucket List

Fall can be a busy time for students of all levels, so finding some time to relax and take a break can be so necessary. Sometimes it can be easy to be envious of people who seem like they travel a lot, especially when you’re so busy with school, but if you’re looking for a fall getaway, there are plenty of amazing spots to see without ever having to leave the U.S. of A. It doesn’t matter whether you’re going during Thanksgiving Break or finding yourself a nice weekend: taking the time to go on a road trip can be just what you need to recenter yourself in time for your next big assignment. 

Whether you only have a chance to visit these one at a time or go on a big trip, here are some spots to put on your list. Check it out and be sure to let me know if there’s any must-see’s that I missed! 

Yosemite, California

First, we have not-so-sunny California, in Yosemite National Park. Surrounded by gorgeous redwoods and mountains, you’re sure to start the perfect road trip off right at this incredible spot. Whether you go camping the old fashioned way, get a cabin or just spend a day, Yosemite has plenty to offer to keep outdoors experts and excited beginners satisfied.

The Ultimate Fall Road Trip Bucket List

Washington State

The Pacific North West has a lot to offer in general, but Washington especially is full of plenty of gorgeous sights for sore eyes and makes a great stop for any fall road trip bucket list. Remember to bring hiking gear and be careful on slippery paths if you travel through the damp. Nature is beautiful, but a dangerous thing. Once you step out of nature, find yourself in a coffee shop and wrap your hands around it, let the steam fog up your glasses. You can thank me later. 
The Ultimate Fall Road Trip Bucket List

Duluth, Maine

On the east coast, we have Duluth, Maine, boasting plenty, including fall color tours, roller coasters and more.  They’re not afraid to lean into the fact that some of us are jealous that they get awesome seasons while we have the same weather all year round, and you know, I can appreciate that.

The Ultimate Fall Road Trip Bucket List


Vermont is one of the smaller, quainter states, and is chock full of gorgeous trees in autumn. In other words, it’s a perfect stop for any fall road trip bucket list, so you don’t want to miss out on this one. The east coast, in general, has so much to offer during autumn, but Vermont may take the cake when it comes to small-town beauty.

The Ultimate Fall Road Trip Bucket List

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Boston, MA

For more of a fall-in-the-city feel, head on down to Boston. Is this inspired by a certain song by Augustana? Or maybe even Veggie Tales?…anything is possible. This beautiful university town holds a cozy autumnal atmosphere that’ll help you feel like the protagonist in a Lifetime movie…somewhere between small-town coffee shop girl, and big city journalist, and really, isn’t that what everyone wants? 

The Ultimate Fall Road Trip Bucket List

Acadia, Maine

Ending up back in Maine might seem a little odd, but Acadia is unique in that it hosts an autumn stargazing festival in late September. Set in Acadia National Park, the Night Sky Festival is probably not part of your typical fall festivities, but boy, wouldn’t it be cool if it were? I don’t know about you, but it’s going on my fall road trip bucket list.

The Ultimate Fall Road Trip Bucket List

What is your fall road trip bucket list? Have you been to any of these stops before? What did you think? What did we miss? Let us know in the comments down below!

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