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The Ultimate Fall Break Guide For Any College Student

The Ultimate Fall Break Guide For Any College Student

As fall sets in and the leaves begin to change color, your school may let you off for a small fall break. Don’t know what to do with this short but sweet time off? Here are some ideas to help you plan the ultimate fall break for you and your friends!

1. Visit a local orchard or pumpkin patch

Fall is the season for pumpkin pie and apple cider, so why not visit the farms where they are grown? There are plenty of activities to take part in that will keep you entertained the entire day. Compete with your friends to see who can make their way out of the corn maze the fastest, pile on a wagon for a hayride together, and take lots of photos to remember the day.

Before the day is over don’t forget to enjoy the homemade fresh pies, pastries, and apple cider.  Grab cookies and other treats for the road trip home!

2. Go haunted house hopping

As Halloween approaches get into the spooky spirit with a group of friends and go haunted house hopping. You can find them all over, at an amusement park, a local festival, or even that creepy abandoned house up on the hill! On… second thought… maybe not the third one.

Enjoy quality time with your friends as you get spooked and terrified together. You can even turn it into a sort of test of courage game with a prize at the end and when the screaming is over enjoy a nice cup of hot cocoa (spiked or not) to soothe your nerves. You’ve probably earned it.

The Ultimate Fall Break Guide For Any College Student

3. Host a fall party

Parties are a great way to get everyone together, so why not host a fall themed party to get into the spirit of the autumn season? Have a few pumpkins on hand and form carving teams for a friendly competition of the best jack-o-lantern creation. Have corn and marshmallow eating contests. Your friends will have a great time enjoying an evening of games, treats and hot apple cider.

If you are preparing for Halloween, then turn up the fun and have your guests come dressed in costumes. Dance the night away to Monster Mash and Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

4. Have a movie marathon night (or two)

If you’re feeling like having a nice day to settle down and essentially do nothing, you may enjoy a movie marathon. The list of films can be all cozy feel good shows or if you’re feeling brave, a line up of the best horror flicks to fuel your adrenalin rush of being scared. Hide under the cushions with your friends, munch on popcorn and enjoy the down time with your friends or solo.

A movie day is the perfect way to enjoy simple rest and relaxation. If you’re in a dorm and don’t have a TV, streaming it on your laptop, works just fine. The point is to take a break from the studies and escape into a world of movies.

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The Ultimate Fall Break Guide For Any College Student

5. Attend a fall music festival

Music festivals are held year-round, so if you find yourself with enough time then consider looking up a local festival near you. Music festivals are a great way to get out and dance the night away, and it’s always more fun to go along with a friend. Just remember to try and book tickets in advanced, because they can sell out early.

If you have the time and the resources, Music City in Nashville, Tennessee is a budget friendly city to visit in the fall. Pack your boots and cowboy hat and get ready to have a grand ole jamming time rocking to country music!

The Ultimate Fall Break Guide For Any College Student

What activity will you do during your Fall break? Leave a comment below!

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