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The Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist

The Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist

Ordinary Card Games That Can Be Turned Into Drinking Games

There is no better way to get into party mode (or drinking mode) than with a good playlist. The only successful way to pregame is to have an extensive playlist  with songs from every genre that are going to get you in the mood to dance all night long. Picking the right songs can be tough, especially since everyone has a different taste in music. But don’t worry! I have gathered the top 10 songs for your Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist!

1. Wannabe by The Spice Girls

This is the ultimate female party anthem! If you want people to get hyped for a night out, then this definitely has to make an appearance on your playlist. After a few pregame shots, you will have people singing, “I’ll tell you what I want! What a really, really want!” at the top of their lungs. Be sure to hit the karaoke bar for a few more tipsy renditions of this classic anthem!

The Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist

2. Yeah!  by Usher feat. Lil Jon and Ludacris

As you as the beat drops, everyone will be jumping around screaming “Yeah!” The energy in this song is sure to get you hyped for the club or bar.  Not to mention,rapping Ludacris’ verse will make a fun challenge after downing a few shots.

The Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist

3. Buy U A Drank by T-Pain

I mean, is there a more appropriate song for a pre-game than the alcohol-themed tunes? I just imagine everyone swaying to the music as they hold a bottle in one hand. This song will definitely set the mood for the night and it’s a great sing-along song for the car on your way to the club!

The Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist

4. Dancing Queen by ABBA

What song is better to get you in the mood to dance? Bringing a little bit of  nostalgia to your playlist will add more fun to your night. You and your friends could take shots as you try to replicate the dance routines in the “Mamma Mia!” movie. It is a recipe for a good time!

The Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist

5. All I Do is Win by DJ Khalid

This is a club banger! Everyone will be throwing there hands “up in the air” and trying to rap Ludacris’ rapid fire verse.  Once this song come on everyone will be having a good time dancing and drinking the night away!

6. Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars

Everyone will be grooving when this comes on! The beat just makes you want to get up and dance…in sync. I can feel the dance offs coming on. No one can deny this song just makes you want to move! Definitely put this on your drinking pre-game playlist!

The Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist

7. Dance Dance by Fall Out Boy

Not only is this a great sing along song, but it also just makes me want to play the air guitar as I stomp my feet to the beat! The chorus is so catchy, you’ll probably have this tune stuck in your head until the next outing. This is also a great song to head bang to so if you just need a good warm up before the real party, this is the song for you!

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The Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist

8. Get Ur Freak On by Missy Elliot

As the beginning of the song suggests, this is a club banger! That beat drop is insane and it will have even your shyest friend tapping their feet. This is another great choice for a dance off. It  will have everyone hyped and ready to paint the town red!

The Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist

9. Crazy In Love by Beyonce

No list is complete without it being blessed by the Queen! Her classic hit is a must on every playlist. She will have you shakin’ that booty, singing “Oh Oh Oh Oh” in no time! A fun night will await for sure if you keep this on your playlist! You need this on your drinking pre-game playlist!

The Ultimate Drinking Pre-Game Playlist

10. Rock Your Body by Justin Timberlake

This is probably the catchiest song that Timberlake ever put out! The beat alone is enough to get you out of your chair. Trying to emulate Justin’s dance moves or that infamous dance routine with Janet Jackson will make your night unpredictable. Who knows what the night might bring after this song drops?

What’s on your drinking pre-game playlist? Tell us in the comments!
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