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The Ultimate Dorm Room Essentials Checklist

The Ultimate Dorm Room Essentials Checklist

Figuring out what to pack and what to leave home can be stressful and exhausting. So, we put together the dorm room essentials checklist to go through!

Deciding what to bring to college and what to keep at home can be stressful and exhausting. What in the world is a bed riser? Don’t worry you are not alone. We have made a list of the ultimate dorm room essentials checklist for you to go through when you’re packing for school! And if you think we’re missing something, check out Bed Bath & Beyond’s Interactive Checklist to make sure you packed up everything you need!

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1. Hangers ( a lot of ’em!)

Because. There. Are. Never. Enough.

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2. A Wireless Charging (!!!) LED Lamp

I mean, if you have to use a desk lamp for those late-night study sessions, it should function well, look nice, and have an adjustable dimmer that won’t blind you, right? Also, it charges your phone wirelessly!

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3. 360 PowerCurve Rotating Power Outlets

Trust me, without rotating power outlets your room will be a messy web of cords in no time.

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4. A Bedside Organizer

Because let’s be honest, why get out of bed to put away your book/phone/anything you’re holding if you can just slide it into your bedside organizer? Plus, it’s a huge space saver!

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5. Extra long phone charging cord

I’m talking 10 feet long. Trust me, you’ll want this thing to reach your bed.

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6. Mini-fridge

I thought I could make it without one of these and I was so, so wrong. Eventually, dining hall food gets old and by eventually I mean after the first two weeks. Save yourself the trouble and get one before you head into your dorm room!

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7. Fuzzy bathrobe

I never wore bathrobes at home, but at school I live in mine. There is nothing better than coming back from class and relaxing in your bathrobe while binging Netflix.

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8. A fuzzy pair of slippers

Slippers may not be something you normally wear at home, but when you are hanging out in your dorm room they are a must. They’re also perfect for when you are running across the hall or down to the bathroom.

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9. Full length hanging mirror

A mirror is an absolute essential. This is the best way to get ready and allow you to see your entire outfit before heading out.

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10. Printer in your room

Unless you’re a fan of sprinting all the way across campus to print an essay due at 8am, you should invest in one of these.  I mean, unless you’re into showing up to class covered in sweat. I won’t judge.

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11. Soft throw blanket

This is so essential. Trust.

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12. Shoes that will inevitably get trashed

Adidas are the perfect throw on shoe when you’re heading out to class. They go with just about any outfit and they’re really affordable.

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13. Lysol spray and wipes

Getting sick and college pretty much go hand-in-hand. Make sure to have lysol and lysol wipes to help prevent it and also to stop from spreading it to your roommate if you do end up sick.

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14. Micellar water and dry shampoo

For when the walk to the community bathroom is just too much. This stuff works like magic when it comes to taking off waterproof makeup too. And let’s be honest, washing your hair everyday/every other day isn’t always in the plan. For this reason, dry shampoo is a life savor and will have your hair looking shower fresh.

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15. Over the shoulder bag

An over the shoulder bag isn’t too big and isn’t too small. It is perfect for carrying the essentials like your dorm key and ID which most people lose within the first few weeks. Don’t be that guy.

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16. Medicine for the sick days

Say it with me: I will get sick. Get meds in advance. DayQuil and NyQuil will be essential to getting better and not missing too many classes.

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17. Oversized raincoat

You’ll be so happy to have this instead of a little umbrella when it’s cold, grey, and rainy. Plus, there are tons of cute styles and colors to buy!

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Raincoats are a must for dorm room essentials checklist!

18. All of the leggings

Athleisure is a way of life. After the first week, this is all you’ll want to wear, so make sure you’re stocked up.

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19. Bluetooth speaker

A speaker is perfect for your dorm room when your friends come over to hangout. It is also portable so taking it to their room is no biggie. When the days are warmer, these are great to take outside in the quad or campus to hangout and get some sun.

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20. Venmo, Uber, and Postmates

These may not be for the dorm, but they’re essentials. Venmo helps you pay friends back instantaneously through your phone, Uber is great for nights out, and Postmates will save you from despair during finals by delivering fresh tacos.

21. Mini vacuum 

Everything accumulates on your floor pretty fast. Either you live in a sea of crumbs and lululemon tags, or you get one of these.

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22. Curtains for your closet

This will make your room feel super neat and organized, even if you just shoved everything behind your curtains 2 minutes before your friends came over. Get a curtain that goes with your dorm room theme/color scheme and it’ll blend right in!

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23. New workout clothes

The freshman 15 is no joke. Treating yourself to some new workout clothes might give you that slight push to hit up the elliptical at the athletic center or take a spin class with your friends.

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Workout clothes are a must for dorm room essentials checklist!

24. Dorm Room Decór

Dorm rooms aren’t usually the prettiest sight, but you can make them your own! Throw up some lights and most importantly get wall art. I love my personalized Washington DC poster, as that’s where I’m from–try to get something that reminds you of your town. Tape up some pictures or pin them into the wall, and you’ve made yourself a home away from home!

Get it here:

Dorm room decor is on top of the dorm room essentials checklist!

The ultimate dorm room essentials checklist
Do you have any ideas for what should be on the dorm room essentials checklist? Share in the comments below!

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