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The Ultimate College Orientation Checklist You’ll Want To Follow

The Ultimate College Orientation Checklist You’ll Want To Follow

The Biggest Mistakes We All Make As Students

In just a few months you’ll be headed off to college! Finally, get a taste of your own freedom and a new destination to learn your education. While college sounds like and is a great time you’re going to have to go through the standard orientation to make sure you’re starting off your college experience on the right foot.

Now don’t worry, this is something that everyone has to go through when started a new school. It really is to help you get settled in and begin the new chapter in your life. Here is the ultimate college orientation checklist you’ll want to follow.

Campus Map

Make sure almost immediately that you grab yourself a copy of the campus map…or two or three. Because you will need help in finding your building. Don’t worry, this won’t last forever. In fact, by the end of the week, you’ll know where everything is like the back of your hand. But in the meantime, try to stock up on the maps so that in case it’s one of those days where you had a late night and you’re a little delirious in the morning, a campus map will do just the trick.

The Ultimate College Orientation Checklist You’ll Want To Follow

Paper And Pen

Ahh, the classic duo. Yes, having paper and pen is a must for your college orientation checklist. You never know what you’re going to need to write down to remember. College can seem a bit overwhelming at first and to make things easier is writing down things that you know will help you not forget. 

The Ultimate College Orientation Checklist You’ll Want To Follow

Meet With Advisor

Everyone has an advisor when they enter college. It is the person who keeps track of your academic status and helps assist you on your college journey. They are someone to turn too with questions and creating your class schedule. Also, a way to help you stay on top of graduating on time.

Check Financial Aid Status

It is important to check the status of your financial aid if you are qualified before you get all settled into school. This is an important step in the college orientation checklist because college is expensive and every little bit helps. Talk to your parents and see if they have applied to it on your behalf. If yes, make sure you meet with admissions to see if it has gone through.

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Pick Up Your Student ID

Your student ID is what you are going to be carrying around with you for the next four years. And it is your ticket to everything. Meal plans, library access, dorm access, and discounts at the grocery store. So it is important to pick up this piece of plastic ASAP so that you can officially say you are a student!

Meet Your Roommates

If possible, you should try and find a way to meet your roommate(s) before the big move-in day. It might take the pressure off of moving in with a complete stranger. Ask them if they would like to meet up for college orientation with you and you guys can experience it together. Then see if they’d be willing to all have lunch together. It’s a great way to start up conversations and get to know each other in the best way possible.

While you’re doing this, also remember to socialize with other students that you meet. It’s a good way to make friends as you’re all preparing to become fellow students in the fall semester. Socializing is a big part of your college orientation checklist. 

The Ultimate College Orientation Checklist You’ll Want To Follow

What other ideas do you have on your college orientation checklist? Let us know in the comments below!

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