The Ultimate College Guy’s Sex Bucket List

It's good to have...goals. Sex in college is meant to be fun and exciting and this ultimate college sex bucket list will make sure that it is!

It’s good to have…goals. Having a college sex bucket list is a fun way to spice up your sex life and take a little stress off. When you’re attempting to complete the goals on this list, make sure you’re avoiding anything that will get you into trouble and be RESPECTFUL to all the people who are involved (no one likes a douche). Here is the ultimate college guy’s sex bucket list. May the odds be ever in your favor.

The Ultimate College Guy's Sex Bucket List

1. Have sex on the school’s statue/fountain/etc.

Every college and university has that one statue or fountain that is the staple of the campus. That is your first target on the list.

2. Have a threesome

Many people have the same fantasy of having a hot and wild threesome, so it’s definitely do-able. If there’s any time to have a threesome, it’s now.

3. Get a lap dance

Whether you hit up the local strippy or it’s more private with the hot girl from math class, it’s always fun to get a lap dance.

4. Sex in the library

You know that corner in the back of the library that no one ever goes to? That’s your spot. Make use of the table and chairs to make the most of your experience.

The Ultimate College Guy's Sex Bucket List

5. Outdoor sex in the quad

You should probably complete this one when it’s dark and late so that you don’t risk getting caught or arrested. Pack a blanket, use the picnic tables, or just go for it and wing it.

6. Hook up with a TA

This is probably the hardest goal on the list and is likely to only happen in your dreams. But, it’s worth the note.

7. Have sex at a party

The best time to have sex at a party is when it’s completed packed around 11:30 and the music is blaring. Just don’t have drunk sex.

The Ultimate College Guy's Sex Bucket List

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8. Sex in a classroom

Nothing like going to the classroom during office hours and playing teacher and student.

9. One night stand

Cliche, I know, but a one night stand will most likely happen to you if it’s on the list or not…so might as well be here.

10. Have a quickie in the middle of class

Get up and “go to the bathroom”, have a quickie, and head back to finish that assignment.

The Ultimate College Guy's Sex Bucket List

What else should be on the ultimate college sex bucket list!? Share in the comments below!

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