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The Ultimate Cal Poly Student Wish List

The Ultimate Cal Poly Student Wish List

Cal Poly students all know there are certain Cal Poly trends that are essential for your survival during the year. Here is a list of the best Cal Poly student wish list.

As we get older, our families start to have a harder time figuring out what to give us as gifts. Long gone are the days of bright, shiny new toys and piles of clothes. As this holiday season comes to an end, chances are high that you may find yourself with the simple, classic gift of money. This is great because it gives you the freedom of picking out what you really want. Now is your chance to buy some of those cool things you see people walking around campus with, that you probably couldn’t afford before. Here are some ideas for Cal Poly students on how to spend their Christmas cash.

1. Birkenstocks

Do you even go to Cal Poly if you don’t own a pair of these shoes? It seems like everywhere you go on campus, 9/10 students are rocking Birks. Now is your chance to invest in a pair so you can walk to class in comfort and style.



2. Patagonia Jacket

These are cute, comfortable, and will to keep you warm on those cold San Luis Obispo nights. With a variety of colors to choose from, you’ll have no problem finding one that matches your style

3. Hydroflask

Cal Poly isn’t sponsored by Hydro Flask, but they may as well be, because this is the water bottle to carry around campus. Whether you’re hiking Bishops or just hiking up the hills to class, this bottle is sure to keep you hydrated all day.



4. Redbubble Stickers

Show people your amazing personality through an assortment of stickers. You can put these guys on everything: your water bottle, your laptop, your notebooks, the possibilities are endless.

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4. A Good Pair of Running Shoes

It’s no secret that Cal Poly students walk. A lot. For many of us, it’s our main method of transportation. A comfortable pair of shoes will make the long walks much more manageable.


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