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The Ultimate Bucket List For Students At The University Of Maryland

The Ultimate Bucket List For Students At The University Of Maryland

Every university has its treasure box of rituals and traditions they tell you during tours and orientations. Read this article to know all the must-do's of being a student at the University of Maryland.

Every university has its treasure box of rituals and traditions they tell you during tours and orientations. At the University of Maryland, there are hidden must-do’s in the crevices of the white pillars and brick buildings. This is a list comprised of adventures every UMD student should have before graduating.

1. Swimming in the fountain before the end of Freshman year.

This is new students’ baptism at University of Maryland. It is a must for a true UMD experience. Everyone needs to have that night, preferably when the weather is warm, to hop in UMD’s famous fountain. It’s refreshing, and a welcoming to the school’s newest class.

2. Eat a huge slice of pizza.

There are seemingly dozens of pizza places on route 1. Attempting to eat a five-dollar slice of pizza the size of your face is an irreplaceable experience in the middle of finals week or after a wild night at the University of Maryland.


3. Take a walk on Saturday morning.

It’s amazing how quiet a campus of 30,000 students is on a Saturday morning. Taking a walk during this lull is quite tranquil as you enjoy the campus when no one is around.


4. Go to a tailgate dressed in your craziest gear.

Waking up too early to get dressed up in all Maryland attire and heading out to get crazy with your best friends before a football game is a must at UMD. Being a BIG10 school, the tailgating culture is booming and experiencing the ecstasy is not to be missed!


5. Happy hour at Bents.

This may be one of the week’s most infatuated events and is truly a blast. Drinks are cheap and company is abundant- how can you not have fun?


6. Give Testudo an offering.

This is a fundamental tradition at the University of Maryland. When finals come along, Testudo has more food and alcohol than you’ve had all year. Giving Testudo an offering is essential to being a student here, and also may be the key to your success.


7. Have a class at ESJ.

This brand-new building is beautiful with its colorful chairs, comfortable sofas, rooms with new technology and ample desk space. It is a dream to learn in this environment, and to have a class in ESJ would surely make classes that seem like a pool of death, significantly more inspirational.


8. Lose your key.

It’s okay, you are not alone. This is a devastating tragedy that costs the perp 100 dollars, and is the best way to donate to the University of Maryland. But, if you don’t experience it once, do you even go here?

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9. Go to DC.

The nation’s capital is a couple metro stops away, a 25-minute drive, and a perfect getaway from college park. This city is rich with monuments, free museums, cherry festivals, and food trucks.  Going with friends on a Sunday is also a perfect procrastination method!



10. Study abroad.

Studying abroad is an incredible opportunity that the University of Maryland widely encourages. You can immerse yourself in ethnic foods, complex languages, and a different way of life. The University of Maryland offers a range of programs with varying prices, lengths of time, and locations- so why not utilize this resource?

11. Pull an all-nighter at Mckeldin.

Treat yourself to all the coffees necessary to trudge along those tiring hours, but to spice up the night, you can move to different floors that each have a range of themes such as the second social floor and the fourth Hogwarts floor. While it may be an excruciating night, it is a crucial part of being a student at University of Maryland.


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