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The Ultimate 2020 Dorm Room Essentials Checklist That You Can Rely On

The Ultimate 2020 Dorm Room Essentials Checklist That You Can Rely On

College move-in time can be many things. Exciting, fun, hectic. When it comes to decorating your dorm room to make it feel like home, you may need some guidance because we all forget things. 

Gaze at his guide of must-haves for your dorm room, otherwise known as the Ultimate Dorm Room Essentials Checklist. 

Mattress Pad

I don’t know about your school, but many colleges and universities don’t provide their students with the most luxurious twin beds. Often beds will feel very stiff leading to back problems and sleepless nights. These dorm room essentials will provide you with the extra cushion and comfort you need. No more struggling to sleep, no more shifting in bed at all times of the night, and no more backaches from insufficient bedding. Save yourself the ache, give yourself a break. 

They can easily be found at Walmart and Amazon. A week into dorm room life with a mattress pad had me aching all over. I never could get a good night’s rest. I then decided to purchase mines from Walmart and it was the bomb dot com. The extra cushion goes a long way. 

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Study Pillow

Those late-night study sessions can wreak havoc on your body especially if you are sitting in those university wooden chairs or metal desks. Your back begins to ache after three long hours of studying and now you find yourself stretching every ten minutes. This is a routine that I know all too well. 

Study pillows are one of the dorm room essentials because they provide you with the comfort and stability to persist in your studying efforts. Even if you decide to do your work in bed, the much needed extra support will ease the tension in your body so all of your attention can be towards your course work. 

I tended to find myself very cramped up after sitting so long in my college campus’ chairs as well as at the dining room table at home. I would then proceed to grab a pillow from my room, but it did not serve much justice to the pain my back and legs were in. I finally purchased a study pillow and all of my chair problems were solved. 

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Daily Planner

Oh no! You sure did not know that assignment was due tomorrow. Well, now, you can’t go to that party because you have to stay up all night working on that dreaded forgotten assignment. A daily planner is a must for the dorm room essentials because turning in your assignments on time is always the goal when it comes to any type of work. 

I myself use my daily planner to sort out exactly what I have to do every day in order to stay ahead of my course work. So, if anything does happen, I am not in jeopardy of falling behind in one of my courses. I was a huge procrastinator and I wanted to do better but I did not know which way to turn. Then, my coworker gave me a daily planner and ever since then I have been prepared for all of my classes. This daily planner will drastically increase your organizational skills and self-discipline while subsequently decreasing your stress levels. 

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USB Flash Drive

Weird thing to add on this dorm room essentials checklist? Not so fast. Yes, everything in the field of technology is climbing to amazing heights. We have Google Docs, Google Drive, Dropbox, and so many more platforms that service all of our document needs. 

But, when all else fails, the USB flash drive will be there to pick up the slack. It is a good practice to save all of your course material in at least two different spots. Yeah, you could save it Google Drive and your laptop, but what happens when your computer crashes and the internet is down? No need to worry, you bought a USB flash drive remember? So, you will whip out your new, handy-dandy flash drive and continue on with your presentation.

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Mini Fridge

By the second semester, you will totally be over the cafeteria food. Every week is just the same thing. One of the dorm room essentials that will make you feel more at home is a mini-fridge. You can fill the fridge with food from home, study snacks, or the pizza you will definitely finish tomorrow night. You can stock up with many of the amazing food you love that your school either does not provide or charges way too much for. This mini fridge will forever be in your favor. Need a late-night snack? What about some filtered water to quench your thirst? 

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First Aid Kit

Safety first right? One of the most important dorm room essentials is a first aid kit. Imagine waking up in the middle of the night and struggling to find your way to the door. Earlier in the night, you were furiously looking for a nightgown and silk scarf to wear to bed. While finding the light switch, you slip on your silk scarf and cut your hand on the table. 

Not all experiences are as bizarre as this one, it could be something as small as a paper cut, or maybe your neighbor is the one in need. You will be prepared because you read the ultimate dorm room essentials guide and purchased a first aid kit. You don’t want to have to walk across campus to get a band-aid, or worse, wait until the medical center opens. For minor injuries, it is smart to have a first aid kit on standby. 

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Stay ahead of the game an stock up on these dorm room essentials to have the best college experience ever. You will regret it if you are ill-prepared to challenges the many obstacles that appear in your life. Luck to you on your shopping adventure to personalize your dorm room! Anything else you want to add?

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