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The Typical Day Of An SJU Student

The Typical Day Of An SJU Student


With the variety of majors and lifestyles that Johnnies have, everyone’s day is obviously a little different—but every Johnny shares a similar routine. Here’s the breakdown of the typical day of a student at St. John’s University.

1. Wake up for your 7:30 class and stay in bed for half an hour.

“Do I really have to go?”

2. Struggle to pick clothes out because you want to look cute.

And finally decide that gym clothes will be your outfit. Your go-to.



3. Proceed to make your way up “the hill”.

The most dreaded walk on all of campus—enough said.

4. Convince yourself that Starbucks is a necessity.

If you don’t get your vanilla iced latte, you will fall asleep during your 9:05 class for sure.


5. Pray that the WEPA printer is working.

You waited until five minutes before your next class to print the report that’s due in it. Please don’t be “out of service”.

6. Rap along to the music playing outside the window of your classroom.

Is “Juju On That Beat” coming from the Great Lawn? Common hour must be approaching.

7. Go to the fitness center because, like, you’re #fitnessgoals.

Or because you wore workout clothes to class, so you might as well put them to actual use. And half an hour on the treadmill should make up for the giant bag of Doritos you emptied while studying last night—right?


8. Sit in the Coffeehouse without an actual purpose for an hour.

Somehow, you know that your friends are there. You just have to hope that there are empty seats on the couch. Oh, and there’s definitely a bake sale going on somewhere in the building.

9. Form a “where are we going to eat” committee with your circle of friends.

Should you walk to Regina’s or drive to Qdoba? Should you even leave campus to eat? Does anyone deliver for free?

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10. Miss the Q46 by exactly one second.

Whether you were headed out or headed home. You also know that the next bus that comes is going to be overflowing with passengers.

11. Or, if you drive: approximating what time to leave campus in order to avoid traffic.

If you plan to leave before 4 PM, get in the car right away. If it’s 4-6, don’t even think about it. You’ll get home sometime tomorrow.


12. Putting off that paper that’s due at 11:59 tonight.

Somehow, Netflix topped your priority list until 10 PM.

13. And our personal favorite time of day: finally going to bed.

It’s been a long day as a university student! Enough said. It’s time to catch those Zzz’s.

What’s your day look like compared to the typical day of an SJU student? Share with your friends, or comment below!
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