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The Typical Day of an ASU Student

The Typical Day of an ASU Student


Wondering what it’s like to live and study at ASU? Here’s a peek into the typical day of an ASU student…as told by a geology major!

1. Wake up and run around your room for clothes.

Because we all know the struggle.

2. Groggily wander into the kitchen to make tea.

I usually steep it and ice it to offset the heat outside. Or you can buy a caffeinated beverage on your way to class.



3. Grab a Pop Tart and head out.

My favorite is strawberry.

4. Walk to class because it is always a beautiful day out even when it is 100 degrees.

Shorts and some iced tea are all you need!


5. Sit through multiple lectures in a row.

Calculus for Engineers, Physics for Engineers, and thankfully a Geology based course to offset the trauma

6. Go to the Gym and release some endorphins.

…because we all need it.

7. Grab some lunch and chat with your significant other, friends or colleagues

Much needed after working out and going to all those lectures.

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8. Endure a 3 hour Geology lab of some sort…

Why are they ALWAYS 3 HOURS??!!!?

9. Go back to your place.

Prepare to struggle with homework of all varieties while having constant group chats with other students in your classes. If we struggle, we struggle together.


10. Read the textbooks and take notes while you figure out what to eat for dinner.

11. Enjoy a nice dinner.

Then you have time to catch up with friends and family on social media, the phone, or video chat.

12. Watch Gilmore Girls on Netflix and call it a day.

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