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The Typical Day Of An Appalachian State University Student

The Typical Day Of An Appalachian State University Student

An Appalachian State University student has a lot to do with the wilderness. At Appalachian State University we are always outdoors. Here's a typical day
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Smack dab in the mountains, you can only imagine the endless opportunities for students at Appalachian State. If students are inside, it’s probably raining. Otherwise, you can see some of the coolest things almost every student does on a daily basis at App State. Below I have listed ten things you can expect a typical day of an Appalachian State University student to be like!

1. Relaxing or Studying in an Eno

It doesn’t matter how hot or cold it is, you can always find someone in an eno. What better way to enjoy the mountain air than literally “Hanging” out with your friends. Being an  Appalachian State University student has its benefits.

2. Stopping to Pet at Least One Dog

Sometimes I think I’m at the dog park and not walking across campus because of all the adorable dogs. Who can resist going up to pet the sweet golden retriever basking in the sun??


3. Losing Dough in the Wallet for Some Cookie Dough

With Appalachian Cookie Co. and Insomnia just minutes from campus it’s hard not to want to order cookies!

4. Counting the Number of Girls who Have Their Noses Pierced

If I had a dollar for every girl that has their nose pierced up here, my tuition would be paid for!

5. Going to King Street

Whether you want to get a cinnamon roll from Macado’s because you can’t bear to eat another meal in Central or you are looking to buy a $5 t-shirt, King Street is the place to go.


6. Desperately Trying to Find a Beeper

Stuck at a party? Dying for some Cookout? Beepers are amazing when you need a ride somewhere…unless they have an hour long wait.

7. Skipping Class to Go Hiking

The weather is just too good to pass up an afternoon hike to Trash Can Falls. Surely your professor won’t mind, right?

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8. Spray Painting the Underground Tunnels

Want to be the next Picasso? Grab a can of spray paint and show us what you’ve got!

9. Trying Not to Make Eye Contact with the Guy with No Shoes

Maybe he’s just trying to get the full mountain man effect? Regardless, we all have to wonder how his feet don’t get sore from walking without shoes.

10. Wearing Birks or Chacos Everywhere!!!

I’m pretty sure Appalachian students keep Chacos and Birkenstocks in business with how many people have them here!


So maybe you don’t do all of these things but I’m almost positive you can relate to at least one thing on this list. If not, take a hike.

Let us know what you think about being an Appalachian State University Student! Drop us a line!!
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