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The Typical Day of A UNC Charlotte Student

The Typical Day of A UNC Charlotte Student

This schedule is way more helpful because you get an inside scoop of what I, a UNCC student, typically do. Here is the typical day of a UNC Charlotte Student!

Ok, so a typical day  of a student is pretty basic. Get up, go to class, eat, study, and go to bed. Well, I figured I would go a lot more into detail about the college day. Each student’s day differs depending on their major, their job, where they live, etc. So, I figured I would just do an example of one of my days. I feel like it is way more helpful because you get an inside scoop of what I, a UNCC student, typically do. Here is the typical day of a UNC Charlotte Student:


Wake up, check the weather, get dressed, get my backpack ready, grab my breakfast (go-go squeeze applesauce), and walk to class (I give myself 30 min to walk to class that way I can take my time walking to wake myself up more and not have to rush. Plus it’s nice to just stroll and see the campus’s beautiful views in the morning).


Calculus I class (if I have time before class I will go through all my notifications and emails).



Get out of Calculus, run to Starbucks if I am still hungry, and head to my second class of the day.

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Philosophy of Love and Sex class, takes notes on iPad, check canvas notifications on iPad, apply for jobs online, and apply for scholarships online.



Get out of class, run errands (student health center, union, post office, etc.), go to Sovi for lunch.


Walk back to dorm, work on homework, study, and go to tutoring.


Walk to General Chemistry II class.



Class starts, take notes, play games on phone, check emails, and fill planner out for the week.


Get out of class, go to tutoring, walk back to dorm, do homework, and study.


Get dinner at Sovi (if I am not too busy with homework, if I am then I will eat in my room).

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Walk back to dorm, check mailbox, do more homework, and watch Netflix


Go to gym and do elliptical for an hour.


Shower, more homework, watch Netflix, etc.


Go to bed.

So that is somewhat how my typical day goes. I also plan to do as many CAB events as I can. I try to go to theater every weekend. And I plan to go to the gym every day for an hour. Sometimes when I take a break from homework I go downstairs to play pool. RA’s in your hall throw events, so I go to them most of mine. My day is usually filled and I try to go to bed around 11 pm at the latest. There are days were I find myself up until 2 am, but I know what days I can stay up late and which ones I can’t. There is so much you can do to fit in your schedule. My recommendation is to get a planner. If you don’t like planners, have a calendar in your room or use the calendar on your phone to plan things out. There are so many things to do on campus so take advantage of that opportunity.

What is your typical day as a UNC Charlotte Student? Share with us down below!

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