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The Typical Day of a Student at The University of Minnesota Twin Cities

The Typical Day of a Student at The University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Have you ever wondered what the life of a student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities is like? We have the ultimate hour to hour guide.

Coming from high school, everyone had somewhat of an idea of what they wanted their day to look like at college – wake up around 8 (later than a high school morning and I did okay with that), maybe work out, go to classes that end around 2 or 3, attend a club meeting, do some homework, and hit the hay by 12ish. I never, EVER, thought that it would be this different from what I had planned in my head. Here’s what a typical day of a student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities looks like:

8:00 AM: Time to wake up and work out!

Oh you’re a little tired? Yeah, you’re right. You totally stayed up too late last night and you should probably get some sleep. No worries though! You’ll get back on schedule and get in bed early tonight to get a full 8 hours of sleep.

8:45 AM: At least wake up now and look cute if you didn’t work out.

If you get up right now you can squeeze in a shower! What has it been? 2…3…4 days since you washed your hair?! Come on, don’t you want to impress that cute boy that sits next to you in lab? 10 more minutes of sleep does sound good though. Okay, just snooze once.



9:45 AM: Crap crap crap!! Now you don’t even have time to put any makeup on.

Just wear that same sweatshirt you’ve been wearing for the past week. You haven’t even sweat in it, so it’s basically clean. Just get to class on time, people wear their pajamas so you’re fine! Nobody is even going to notice.


11:00 AM: Okay you have a little bit of time before your next class.

Not quite enough time to work out, but you can still be productive. Lunch maybe? I’ll just sit down here on the futon real quick and make sure I don’t have any homework due in my next…zzzzzzzzz.

Sometime Around 1:00 PM: What day is it?? Did I miss class?? What time is it??

Okay I didn’t miss anything, but I will if I don’t leave right now! Wow a drool mark on my face, don’t have time to fix it. I look like this anyways so might as well accessorize a little.


2:30 PM: Thank god I’m done with that class.

I hate how big Wiley is, like I can’t even see the board and it’s on west bank and I don’t even stay awake for the first 15 minutes. Whatever. I’m so hungry and the dining hall is closed. I really want Panda from Coffman, but I’ve already used $50 flexdine and we are only a month into the semester. I’ll just eat something at home.

3:00 PM: West bank is so faaaaaaar. I should’ve taken the connector.

Man I wish I would’ve taken the connector. I mean at least it’s not St. Paul. I don’t even know how to get to St. Paul honestly. Okay food. What do I have? Easy mac!!



3:30 PM: Easy mac is so good.

I literally think I survive off of easy mac for the rest of my life. Now I really need to be productive, I have so much homework to do honestly. I do not want to do an ounce of homework this weekend so I need to get it done now.

6:00 PM: I hate myself so much. I have done zero homework.

I’m surrounded by candy wrappers and somehow I got from watching a makeup tutorial to watching cats fly around on ceiling fans. Okay I need to go to Walter and actually get stuff done.

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6:30 PM: This place is so quiet and so busy.

Should I ask that girl if I can share her table? No way, I’m scared to speak in this place. I’ll just go down one more floor.


7:30 PM: Should I even go to this club meeting at 8?

I’ve only gone to one meeting this semester and I never paid the $5.00. I want to be apart of it but they always ask me to like volunteer and stuff. I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, how can you expect me to know if I’m free to hand out fliers on April 16th? Forget it, I’ll start going again next week.

9:45 PM: Late night centen here I come!!!

10:30 PM: Okay I’m gonna just walk home now, shower, and get to bed.

Then I can get up before class, workout, and look cute. I have my whole life together.


2:00 AM: Wow, cat videos are amazing.

I won’t even get eight hours of sleep even if I went to bed right now. I might as well just clean my whole room, start a blog, apply for two jobs and 3 internships, and email Bill Gates. It’s okay though. I’ll go to bed early tomorrow night.


What else goes on the in the life of a student at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities? Comment below.
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