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The Typical Day Of A Student At The University Of Michigan

The Typical Day Of A Student At The University Of Michigan


First thing’s first—there’s a lot that goes into being the leaders and best, all day every day, as many University of Michigan students will tell you. The typical day of a student at The University of Michigan is anything but simple. However, we start each day a little bit disgruntled and grumpy, and we end each a day a little uncertain about what’s to come, yet happy with what we’ve accomplished, just like most everyone else on the planet. Here’s a day in my life, complete with ups and downs, pigging out at Sabor Latino, and falling on my ass at the NCRB.

7:30 AM: Wake up, throw on gym clothes, and head to the North Campus Recreational Building (NCRB) to start my day off right.

Now, whether I’m doing an hour on the elliptical to really positively impact my health, or to simply negate the one-dollar tacos I’m going to slam down later is really unclear…but who really cares, right…?

8:30 AM: Shower, get dressed, take a stupid Buzzfeed quiz, finish up any homework I might have.

9:30 AM: Walk to my first class of the day, at the Walgreen Drama Center.

9:32 AM: Hit up U-go’s, debate whether or not eating Sour Patch Kids before noon is highly indicative of other negative life choices.

9:33 AM: Get the Sour Patch Kids. No ragrets.



10:31 AM: Get out of my first class, head to my second.

Eat the last of my Sour Patch Kids. Debate whether or not getting more Sour Patch Kids is a terrible idea. Decide that, yes, it’s a terrible idea.

11:30 AM: Finish up with morning classes, and head to my internship.

Input survey data, accidentally torch microwave popcorn, log hours, and head home.

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5:30 PM: Arrive home.

Throw on more comfortable clothes, and walk to my final class of the day at the FXB, where I’ll sit for two hours, learning about eCommerce and periodically cruising Reddit.

5:46 PM: Debate why I registered for an evening class.

5:48 PM: Curse self for having registered for an evening class.

7:30 PM: Get out of my final class of the day, head home, drive to my boyfriend’s house, which is just off of Main Street.


7:42 PM: Arrive at my boyfriend’s house, and debate whether we’ll go to Sabor Latino or Jolly Pumpkin for dinner.

7:43 PM: Decide that Sabor Latino is the better option.

7:44 PM: Errr….wait….Jolly Pumpkin….?

7:45 PM: No, definitely Sabor Latino.

8:00 PM: Arrive at the restaurant, order waaaaay too many one-dollar tacos, eat them at an inhumane pace.

8:30 PM: Head back home, where I’ll sit and do homework till around midnight.

12:00 AM: Go to bed. Instead of counting sheep, I count wolverines.

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