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The Typical Day Of A Student At The University of Kansas

The Typical Day Of A Student At The University of Kansas


Have you ever wondered what the typical day of a student at the University of Kansas is like? Approximately 20.5 million young adults wake up, head to class and endure the day-to-day tasks of being college students in America. However only 28,000 of them get to experience the daily life of being a Jayhawk. Blessed to be a Jayhawk myself, I am going to walk you through the daily life of a KU student. Literally, going to walk because we walk A LOT. Also, I chose to focus on Wednesday…because dolla dolla bills y’all.

1. Wake up without a voice.

Hmmmmmmm why would we wake up without a voice on a Wednesday? No we didn’t party-hardy all night on a Tuesday…we screamed our souls out in the infamous Allen Fieldhouse while the Jayhawks beat whichever team decided to step into the Phog. Wednesday mornings bring about headaches, hot tea and a big comfy t-shirts, because we are known for being casual on campus.


2. Get up to Jayhawk Blvd.

Whether we live in a Greek house, in the residence halls or off campus we all have to make the trek up to Jayhawk Boulevard. For many of us, this means taking a bus (for ease of saving our legs), but for the brave, for the mighty, for the well in-shape this means walking the lengthy walk up the hill to all the important buildings.


3. Sit in a lecture.

As “Big Tooter” (long live the steam whitstle) sounds, we settle into our un-assigned assigned seats next to our acquaintances, sip our coffee and usually take off a layer because we have backpack sweat or have been bundled up from the cold. Out come the laptops, in comes the professor and on turns the projector. We sit in massive lecture halls listening to the wisest of wise speak upon their specialties. These are the rooms that will prepare us for the future and these are the rooms where clickers are used for attendance.


4. Beat the traffic.

During passing periods some perch on Wescoe Beach, others sneak to the library but a great deal of us try to swim through the crowds and make it to our next class in the knick of time. With our headphones in and our eyes squinting in the sun, we share soft smiles and gestures as we pass fellow Jayhawks on the sidewalk.

5. Lunch!!!

Making our way to the nearest lunch spot, usually the Underground or E’s, we select what will be the fuel for the rest of our day. Chick-Fil-A and chicken tender days are interchangeable when it comes to top choices.


6. The lucky roam free.

If we are smart, our classes are usually done quickly after lunch. For those, this is the time we head home to take our mid-day naps and procrastinate life with Netflix. For others, we lug our heavy bags to the next class and try to stay awake, while usually texting people from our laptops about our plans for the night.



7. Home bound!

Okay, full-swing crankiness has set in, we have remembered a late assignment we need to do, our stomachs are growling and the time to get it done is closing in. We have reached the light at the end of the class and it is our time to get off campus. Visions of food, sleep, the gym and what lies ahead dance in our head.

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8. AHHHH refreshed.

By this time, we have refreshed our mentality. We’ve either eaten, slept, showered and for some, panicked, our way into a healthy state of mind. Actually not so much healthy, but instead we have bribed ourselves into thinking that Dollar Night is a good idea.


9. Prep and party!

Happy Hump Day Jayhawks, you’ve earned it. Although an abounding amount of us will stay in, curled in bed while binge watching Netflix. Other Jayhawks will be living out the tradition of celebrating Dollar Night. Thousands will flee to the Jayhawk Café for a late night beverage and more will sink their teeth deep into hot pizza from the Wheel.

10. Snoozing from boozing.

From the long day and the even longer night, Jayhawks will make their way home, crawl into bed and order delivery from Pizza Shuttle. It’s the perfect end to the typical day of a student at the University of Kansas. The night will feel quick but the sleep will not. For all Jayhawks, the sun will rise Thursday morning and we will do it all over again…but for a majority of us Thursday is our Friday and we are ready to finish strong.


Rock Chalk and Jayhawk

Is there anything else to add to the typical day of a student at The University of Kansas? Comment below!
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