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The Typical Day Of A Student At SMU

The Typical Day Of A Student At SMU


As much as we like to believe we are different, there are some things us ladies do from day to night that is pretty much in the same routine. From hitting snooze to online shopping during that math class, here is the typical day of a student at SMU that I am sure you can relate to!

1. Waking up

Your alarm goes off, and it’s probably Headbandz by 2 Chains. Immediately you question why you decided to take an 8am on Friday. Hit snooze.

2. Getting up

Ok, you only have one skip left, so you should probably go to class. Drag yourself to the community bathroom, towel in tow, and stare at the mascara under your eyes in the mirror. Question your life choices.


3. Getting ready

Let’s try not to look homeless today. Blindly put on uniform of Lululemon cropped leggings and tank top. Put hair in ponytail. Decide that you probably should put on makeup so you don’t scare the kids on campus tours away.

4. The trek across campus

See that one boy from last semester on the Promenade. Immediately, you put on Ray-Bans and avert eyes. Decide you deserve to treat yourself and go to the Club Fondy Starbucks for your Venti-Skinny-Coconut Milk-Caramel Machiatto.

5. Class time!

Take your seat in lecture. Impressively, you take notes and online shop at the same time–you can learn calculus from the book later.


6. Squad lunch

Snapchat the squad and tell them to meet at Umph in 5. Convene and proceed to talk about plans for the weekend’s escapades over warm chocolate chip cookies.

6. Work off aforementioned cookies

Thank God you only have one Friday class, even if it is an 8am. Get your Swell and head to Dedman Rec. Proceed to elliptical while simultaneously checking Instagram. Mental note: you should really get paid for this level of multitasking.

7. Work time

Shoot. You have an essay due at midnight. Shower impressively fast and apply charcoal face mask while typing away furiously. Remind yourself to call Mom before you go out tonight.


8. Get dressed!

Submit a killer essay. Proceed to answer 20 texts asking about time for the pregame. Grab your favorite Avenu dress and put on makeup. Pray that you don’t have to redo your eyeliner. Continue to mess up your eyeliner and redo it five times. Call your mother.

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9. Let’s go out!

Shovel in some tacos from Arnold and get in an Uber with the squad. Hit up Trophy Room and then walk to Avenu. Patiently wait for them to play your anthem, and stare longingly at your friend who has a table.


10. Go home.

Being the responsible human you are, go home at 1. Throw on sweatpants, remove makeup, and eat cereal on your futon. Finally hop in bed and respond to Snapchats before passing out and dreaming about tomorrow’s brunch.

Can you relate to the typical day of a student at SMU?! Share in the comments below!

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