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The Typical Day Of A Student At Rutgers

The Typical Day Of A Student At Rutgers

Ever wonder who those kids walking around campus in suits are? 99% are in the business school. Read on for a typical day of a student at Rutgers.

Ever wonder who those kids walking around campus in suits are? You can bet that 99% are in the business school. In fact, it is so common to dress professional at least one day out of the week that by our first month into the semester we no longer feel awkward being in a suit on the bus, dining hall, or class; we learn to own it. But for the outsiders wondering what our days are really like aside from looking spiffy, below is a breakdown of a typical day of a student at Rutgers (by my own account).

First, I wake up around 8 am (if my class isn’t at 8 am already) and get ready. If it is a day where professional attire will be the norm a very light approach to makeup and a pep talk convincing myself that I look fine and the day will not be as uncomfortable as it already feels ensues.


A light breakfast and off to class I go. While sitting in our comfy and often freezing rooms of our beautiful building I take notes and try my hardest to focus on whatever my professor is discussing, (pro tip: stay AWAY from your phone).

As a determining factor of nourishment fulfillment, I will review if the professional event (which there is one almost every day) I am attending will provide food and whether such meal will be my lunch or dinner. I’m not kidding this is the building to go to for free food, we get some of the best companies and catering. Once having attended classes, the professional event, getting work done, office hours, and TA visits the day is still not over!

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Following are club meetings because what Rutgers Student, especially in the business school is not in a club? And when this final event of the day has occurred, off to the bus I go. Of course, on the bus, some friend will invite me to the Easton bars or some late-night hangout session, at which point my already long day is extended. So, typically we are crazy busy during the day, stressed out, trying to coordinate our lives and then when we finally finish our day we decide to kill our brain cells with alcohol or continue depriving ourselves of sleep to then complain the next day as we do it all over again.

What else does a typical day  of a student at Rutgers entail? Let us know in the comments below!
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