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The Typical Day Of A Student At Ohio University

The Typical Day Of A Student At Ohio University

Students at Ohio University have a lot on their plates. They’ve got classes, friends, clubs and only a limited amount of time to fit it all in. Here’s a look into the typical day of a student at Ohio University!

1. It all starts with an alarm.

Whether this alarm is set for 7:30 a.m. or 1 p.m., every OU student wakes up with their alarm blaring. Probably groggy, you usually slap on a pair of sweatpants and an old t-shirt, and grab a quick breakfast. Breakfast is a granola bar, or for the healthier student, a piece of fruit. Whatever it is, this wake-up meal needs to be quick, because you have 10 minutes to get to class. After scarfing down your granola bar, you walk up the dreaded Morton Hill. You enjoy the scenery on your way to school because you can’t help but admit that Athens is beautiful. After a quick walk, you finally make it to class just in time, out of breath and sweaty.


2. After almost falling asleep in class…

You make time for lunch, usually meeting up with a group of friends to feast on chicken nuggets and pizza at Shively. After a few good laughs filtered through with some complaints, you exit the dining hall stuffed, and usually regretful as you trudge up yet another hill.


4. Once your classes are done for the day..

You pop in your earphones and head back to your dorm. Sometimes, if you’re feeling especially ambitious you head to Alden Library for a quick study session.


5. Then, the huge debate hits: should you go to the gym?

 If you win this battle, you go back to your dorm room and watch Netflix with food and homework intertwined. However, if you lose, you work out and probably hate yourself for not going to the gym more often because, boy are you out of shape. After Ping, you do exactly what you would have done if you didn’t go to the gym before it’s time for dinner and club meetings.

6. Brick Break or 50 cent draft night?

After stuffing yourself once again, but this time on pasta and a salad (attempting to be healthy) at Nelson and going to your club meetings, another battle is met. Your phone is blowing up with your friends begging you to come out with them for Brick Break, or 50 cent draft night. You think to yourself, Is this really a good idea? Will I be able to wake up for my 8 a.m. tomorrow?. But then you end up thinking, Why not? I only live once.

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 7. Time for more snacks!

You then go out and end your night with a regrettable late night slice from Courtside Pizza, or a burrito from Big Mamma’s.

8. Finally, lights out.

Once you lay your head on your pillow, you say to yourself, “I love Athens.”

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