The Typical Day of a Student at Kutztown University

Ever wondered what a typical day of a student at Kutztown University was like – well, now you can find out. Here’s what it’s like to be a Kutztown University student.

Your day will start off with the walk to class. It may not be long, but when it is early in the morning it can feel like miles.

As freshman, you get stuck with the crappy classes. That means the worst professors, times and subjects. Once you get to the class, you have to pry your eyes open to listen to the professor lecture for either 50 minutes or an hour and 20 minutes. Once you wake up, the day gets better. If your lucky enough to wake up a little bit early, stop by Starbucks to get a coffee to reward yourself during class.

When its time for lunch, everyone either heads to Cub or Chick Fil A.

Either way you are going to have to wait in long lines, but once you get food it is all better. Now after lunch, this is where you will either report to another class, or if you are lucky you can sneak back to your dorm to nap. Naps are key to college because you simply have a lot of time. Classes do not take up the whole day unless your schedule is ridiculous, but for the most part you have anywhere from 2-4 classes a day.

Some people prefer to do their schoolwork in the library, some prefer to do it in the student union, and some like to do it in their dorm. You honestly just have to test it all out and see what you like and what works the best for you.

When its time for dinner, South is the place to go.

Unless if you have later classes, then Cub take out is convenient. South has the basics on the first floor, subs, burgers, and pizza, but the second floor has all the other dinner foods. You have stir fry and sushi every night, you can also get nuggets, salads, pasta from the pasta bar, and the area which normally has a different meat and potatoes. Don’t forget about dessert!

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After dinner it is about time to get relaxed and watch Netflix for the rest of the night.

Oh and you can’t forget about the communal showers!! They wouldn’t be so bad if the water pressure was stronger.

Make your day how you want it to be and enjoy it. It may be stressful and hectic some days, but just know that the end will be very rewarding.

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