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The Typical Day Of A Student At Georgia State University

Every school has it’s own unique quirks that makes their students lives different. Georgia State University is no exception. From the dining halls, to the clubs offered, there are plenty of things that make a Georgia State University student’s day great. Keep reading for the typical day of a student at Georgia State University!

7:55am- You realize that you slept through all 5 alarms.

You even don’t have time to make coffee as you throw on Nike shorts, Chacos, and a sweater and begin your frantic run over to Library South for class.

8:10am- Casually stroll into your 8am.

As you may your way to an empty seat in the lecture hall, everyone you pass is basically still asleep. 8am is still night for most Georgia State students and the teacher has way too much energy for it to be so early in the morning. You quickly zone out. Missing one day of notes won’t kill you, will it?

9:15am- Finally! Class is over.

Well…for a few hours anyway. You skipped breakfast when you woke up due to lack of time so you go and grab a quick snack in the College of Education’s vending machine before heading back to your dorm for a nap.


11:20am- Your kindergarten-esque nap is over.

Time to head to the Library before your next ungodly long class starts. Maybe you can knock out that homework assignment due by midnight or do some last-minute cramming before the test you have at 12:30.

3pm- You’re thinking “wow, I should’ve studied more.”

Well, the test was horrible. Maybe you passed with a B using your fabulous process of elimination skills. When in doubt, put C or B…right? Time to head back to your dorm and quit worrying about it until your grade gets posted on iCollege. Then you can freak.

4pm- Workout time!

You walk over to the gym in your cute Nike work-out outfit (or whatever you could throw on quickly), walk in, slide your Panther ID, and get to running and/or lifting.

5:30pm- Dinner anyone? Or everyone all at once?

The dining halls looks hectic, but you’re starving from only eating a bagel and fruit snacks since you woke up. With no concern for your health, you embark on the quest for food.


6:50pm- Oh crap, my club meeting is today.

You rush over to Langdale but forget the room you’re supposed to be meeting in. By some miracle, you stumble into the right room and praise God because you love Pre-law Club.

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9pm- Grey’s Anatomy calls your name!

McDreamy is an essential part of your day and without your daily dose, you cannot function. You’re wishing you were Meredith, married to that hot hunk of a man rather than wasting away in college classes day after day. Plus, she’s so relatable. She’s too busy to always shave her legs. You’re too busy watching Grey’s Anatomy and “adulting” to always shave your legs.

11:20pm- Wait! I’m forgetting something.

Oh yeah, there’s an essay due for English. Stupid midnight deadlines are usually part of the typical day of a student at Georgia State. I knew that middle school typing class would come in handy one day.

12pm- *Thinking of sleeping.*

One more episode of Grey’s Anatomy won’t hurt. 43 minutes and 17 seconds before going to bed will still give me more than enough beauty rest.

3:10am- Is the time on my MacBook wrong?

Shoot. You have to be up in less than 4 hours. Mistakes were made and now you must suffer the consequence of binge-watching Netflix. She’s no Meredith Grey, but Rory totally gets it.

What else happens during a typical day of a student at Georgia State? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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