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The Typical Day Of A Student At Boston University

The Typical Day Of A Student At Boston University

The Typical Day Of A Student At Boston University

Being a student at Boston University means living in the city and being able to explore malls, restaurants, and other schools. Weekends are saved for bar hopping or frat parties at MIT, Harvard, or Berklee, but once Monday comes around, it’s back to school. So what does a typical BU student do on an average day?

1. Wake up to the sweet sound of whistles and over played music.

If you are lucky to live on West campus (West is best!!), then you have the luxury of a free alarm clock: the sound of some sports team practicing at 7 a.m. Typically, some overplayed radio song will be blaring that you can’t seem to block out with earplugs or headphones.

2. Shower in the lovely communal bathroom.

Perks of being an underclassmen include the opportunity to shower in a communal bathroom. This may mean waiting in line for a shower, showering in cold water, or getting the door opened while you are still showering.


3. Try to catch the shuttle bus on time or run to class.

Chances are, you don’t have time to grab breakfast because like many college students, you overslept. There are two options to get to class: get on the shuttle bus that occasionally follows its schedule, or run to class like an idiot. Being a BU student means that some of your classes could be ¾ of a mile away from your dorm.

4. Attempt to stay awake in class.

After a long night of studying and homework, it’s now time to sit in class in a comfy chair and warm room. This means nap time… even though you should really be taking intensive notes and answering clicker questions.

5. Lunch break!

For those fortunate enough to have a break in between classes, you either go to a dining hall or the GSU for lunch. Nothing says freshman 15 like a plate of Panda Express or three plates of dessert. Of course, your lunch break is unbelievably short, and it’s time to return to class.


6. Time to study and do homework.

It’s the dreaded time of day, time to work. Depending on how many classes you take and how much your professors want you to suffer, you could have an hour of homework or five. About two hours in, you’ll start to go a bit crazy and wonder if taking six classes is worth it in the end. At this point, you’ll either give up and watch those new episodes of Shameless or work furiously until all your work is finished.

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7. Dinner time!

Ah, my favorite part of the day. Dinner as a student at Boston University means Chipotle, Brown Sugar Café, Subway, Otto’s, and other local places on campus. The best part about being a BU student is definitely the endless dining options.


8. Lay in bed, ponder about life, and fall asleep.

At the end of the day, a BU student will climb up into their bed and scroll through social media, comforted by the fact that every college student is suffering just like he is. A BU student goes to sleep lulled by the sounds of construction and police cars ringing their sirens.


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