The Typical Day Of A Rochester Institute of Technology Student

What a “ typical day” likes to be a student at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). Let’s find out to learn more about the day in the college life captures what it’s like being a student on campus from morning until night. A day in the life of RIT student.  You know that we are doing more than just attend lectures here at Rochester Institute of Technology. Remember that the variety of our classes, leadership activities, clubs, and other extra-curricular options to you mean that not everyone has a same daily schedule.

8:00 am

Time to get up! I know I can’t live without drinking chai tea to feel boost for a day. I always check up daily email if there are any updates before head out to my first class. Sometimes I get ready and grab a quick breakfast in the Midnight Oil then go to morning class.

9:30 am

I usually arrive early about 9:20 a.m. instead 9:30 a.m. and sometimes waiting for another students enough time to travel between buildings. My first class on Tuesdays is a Communication class called, “ Copywriting and Visualization.” Today we were discussing the new weekly assignment and given examples of the concepts relate to the extrinsic motivation, which I particularly enjoyed.

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11:00 am

I sometimes go to the Wallace library for doing homework assignment during my break or grab lunch at the Brick City Café then doing homework before next to the class at 3:30 p.m.

3:30 pm

I come here to listen to long lecture what I take another Communication class called, “ Persuasion” which I rarely read readings about the persuasive discourse using both the rhetorical and behavioral science traditions.

5:00 pm

Time is to eat supper after class. Few of my friends and I meet up in RITZ Sports Zone to catch up and eat. It is an excellent time to rest as well as savor eat top-notch food!

7:00 pm

My professor lets us leave the class earlier rarely depends on how assignments go so far throughout the semester. He always invites guests to present our class relates to the public relation employments, tips, pieces of advice, etc.

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8: 20 pm

I finally head back to apt on campus and catch up my roomies if they are around. Then, I always prepare for next day that I make sure to complete all of the homework assignment on my agenda.

12:30 am

Finally to sleep time. After studying and working on the assignments, I usually aim to get into bed around 12: 30 so that I have a chance to get plenty of sleep before the next day. Often, I have to stay up later to finish work, but I try to remind myself that rest well is essential.

Now you know my typical day of college life! Although the daily day is different, would be a “typical” Tuesday for me. I know it kills my time to keep company what I participate in extracurricular activities and a part-time job to keep me busy. My advice is to keep mind that no matter what you enjoy doing every day of your college journey, it is essential to have a balance that would work for you.

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