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The Typical Day Of A Husky

The Typical Day Of A Husky

Days fly by when you’re at UConn but when you stop to pay attention to the little things, you’ll start to notice just how special a day as a husky is. Here are seven things to look forward to from dawn to dusk. Keep reading to find out what the typical day of a Husky is really like!

1. Breakfast!

The morning meal is a bit of a letdown, to be honest, at least in Buckley. It’s a toss-up between cereal and cold potatoes and bacon most days. The Sunday pancake day is pretty good though. Anyway, you say “hi” to the old man who swipes your card and say “have a good one” as you leave.

2. Stop on Fairfield Way.

In between classes, I like to stop n Fairfield Way for some goodies. There is usually always something. During fall, there’s a booth that sells cider doughnuts which are basically soft, fluffs of pure joy. And of course there’s the SUBOG stands which have crazy swarms of people lining up for their free stuff. If you can afford to wait that long, the free stuff is usually worth it though.


3. Points, points, points!

Since I’m in the center of campus for lunch anyway, I usually go to the Union for lunch. Why go to the union when your meal plan provides unlimited swipes for food? Because the points on my meal plan means mac and cheese, noodle bowls, and fruit smoothies.


4. Horsebarn Hill sunsets.

If I have time, I like to go up to Horsebarn Hill to watch the clouds change color and the sun dip below the horizon. It’s a really beautiful, romantic experience. Take some Grab and Go with you from the South dining hall; it’s a great way to use up those flex passes!


5. Basketball Game

Our football team is pretty awful but our women’s basketball team is AWESOME. Friday evening games are fantastic and a great way to end the week. It seems like the whole of campus is there to rally for the team. Getting on the JumboTron is always a huge accomplishment as well.

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6. Late Night

The Student Union is a utopia for free things on Friday and Saturday. Their themes are usually pretty fun and there are usually people from all around campus there. There’s also karaoke and there are quite a few very spirited people who go up to sing regularly and it livens up the evening.

7. Buckley Ragers

I can’t speak for the other ragers around campus, but the Buckley lounge dances can go one of two ways. Either it’s a small, sweaty room with a bunch of drunk guys tussling amongst each other or it’s a bunch of friends having a great time with slamming music. It’s worth taking your chances. I hope you enjoyed reading about the typical day of a Husky!

What else happens in the typical day of a Husky? Feel free to comment below and share the article!
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