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The Typical Day Of A Hofstra Student

The Typical Day Of A Hofstra Student

The Typical Day Of A Hofstra Student

Have you ever wondered what the typical day of a Hofstra student is like? Well now you can find out! Keep reading for a play by play of what a Hofstra student experiences over the course of a day.

The typical day of a Hofstra student is different for everyone but for many it starts with a race to the showers.

No one wants the tub shower.

After you primp and get ready you have to prepare yourself for the chilling Long Island wind.

Yes, it can be that cold.

Once you get into the Stu, it’s time to decide whether or not to wait in the huge line for Starbucks or just go get your food.

I usually choose Starbucks.


Luckily, there’s still time to get a bagel or a parfait before class. You can’t go to class hungry after all.

You get to class.

Your classmates have probably already picked where they want to sit all semester by the first class. So you sit with your friends and get ready for class. Maybe you’ll get that assignment back.

You’re probably friends with your professors because they’re all pretty great.

On Wednesdays we have common hour so you’re most likely at your favorite club, in a meeting or hanging out with friends.

There are a billion different clubs at Hofstra so you’re probably in a ton of them.

Luckily you can do all of those clubs with ease.

Next to get some lunch with some friends.

You’re probably headed to ABP or Bits. Gotta get that ramen!


Another class where you sit with your friends.

Hopefully something in your major or minor that makes you excited.

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Later you have sports practice because there are a lot of intramural and club sports at Hofstra and sports are fun!

Yay sports!

Then you have to get your homework and studying done.

WAIT, you forgot to eat! Luckily Hof is still open. Gotta load up on sampler platters.

After all of that studying you chill with your roommate and watch some Netflix before bed.

Or maybe take advantage of that HBO Go to watch Game of Thrones.

The typical day in the life of a Hofstra student is filled with work, fun and friends. It’s impossible not to find something to do here because there’s always something going on. I’ve never been happier to live this typical day in the life of a Hofstra student.


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