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The Typical Day Of A Business Student at Northeastern University

The Typical Day Of A Business Student at Northeastern University

Honestly, business students don’t get enough credit. We may not be going to med school but our major can be hard too! From classes to co-ops, it can all be a little overwhelming. Keep reading for a typical day in the life of a business student at Northeastern!

Wake up!

You’ve hit the snooze button for the 1000th time and all you wanna do is go to class in pajamas. A baseball cap and sweats would SERIOUSLY come in handy right now but guess what!! We’re business students! We try hard! You’re dressin’ nice today, sorry.


Classes in the business quad.

First class is in Dodge Hall. Walk across the quad to Richards for your next class. Back to Dodge. MAYBE trek to Hayden? Dodge, again probs. If your professor’s feelin’ a little ~crazy~ today, she sends you to Shillman. Rinse and repeat



Have a good cry about your bank account.

You thought professional clothing was free?

Meet with your project group.

Yeah, for all 5 classes.


Open NUCareers!

A. Get Stressed Out.
B. Close NUCareers.


Attend Co-op Expo.

Fake it til’ you make it! Smile and wave! Hand out resumes! Act like you’re the shit! Put your name down on every single email list! Refer to 5A. above and leave.

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Finally go home!

Take off blazer and slacks. Consider burning said blazer and slacks.



An employer emailed you for an interview! You can finally breathe now, girl. Being a business student at Northeastern isn’t so bad!

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