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The Types Of Sorority Girls You’ll Meet In College

The Types Of Sorority Girls You’ll Meet In College

College is full of opportunities, both academically and socially. You will meet various people from several different backgrounds. A space for club recruitments and networking starts to open up. 

A huge part of college is Greek Life. You meet several types of people in Greek life. The ones who cannot miss are sorority girls. 

Here are the types of Sorority Girls You’ll Meet In College:


1. The Smart One

This Sorority girl not only keeps her academics on check but keeps her fellow sister GPA on check. She is very serious about her leadership role in the Sorority and takes her future very seriously. 

She strives to keep her GPA and grades as high as possible. They are probably the ones that hit up the group chat for study and tutoring sessions. 


She is the sister to rely on for academic support and is always there to offer motivation to other sisters who need it. 

2. The Mom 

This Sorority girl makes sure her sisters are safe and have everything they need to be okay. This sister is the one who usually stays sober throughout parties and always keeps a lookout to know where her sisters are. They never allowing any predators to take advantage of her fellow sisters. 

This sorority girl is the one who holds your hair while you are yaking up the one too many drinks in the toilet. They always carry snacks, water, and Advil to functions and has everything you need in the precise moment you need it. 


You got your period two weeks early? Dang, it! Don’t worry! The Mom sorority girl has a whole box of tampons in her purse. She will bring you coffee and bread when you’ve had one too many drinks at a party. 

Trust this sister and protect her at all costs. She is the one that has your back at all times. 

3. Frat Chic

These Sorority girls are considered one of the bros. She’s in a sorority but gets along and hangs out with the frat boys consistently. She’s always down to hang out and grub on some food with the bros. These sorority girls are more laid-back and can keep up a conversation with anyone about anything. 


She is usually the one that plays beer pong with the bros at a party. She is always down to grab some wings and drink a beer with the bros. She will watch sports and actually know what she is talking about.

4. The Party Animal 

You know how in movies, during a party a girl usually gets up on a table and starts dancing? These are the sorority girls who do this. She is truly the life of the party. She likes to get her groove on and is usually the child to the mom of the group 


She likes to absorb the moment and be the center of attention. These sorority girls are not afraid to show their moves and show off their outspoken personalities. They can make friends really easily and have probably led her sorority chant at least once. She is the crazy one for relationship building. 

If you see her dancing on the table, hype her up. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there like that. She is the one that boosts other girls’ confidence when a boy breaks their heart at a party. She will take the time to talk to you in a house filled with people and blasting speakers. 


5. Preppy Girl 

These sorority girls are probably the recruiter for their sorority. She likes to haul in freshman to join greek life. She is probably a new pledge and has recently crossed and is proud to be apart of her sorority. 

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She usually wears dresses and skirts and plans for all the fun activities for her sorority. She loves to tye-dye t-shirts and has a bunch of “camp activities” on deck for her sorority. She lives and breathes team building.

She probably manages the social media account and creates all the flyers to promote her sorority. She loves to hand out flyers to haul in all the freshmen and does what she loves best, recruit! 

6. The Homebody 

This sorority girl loves to get in her pajamas, grab a bag of chips snuggle in her bed and put on some Netflix after class. She’s not that much of a partier but is a true movie and TV sitcom enthusiast. She is the procrastinator of the sorority gang. 


However, just because she likes to stay in doesn’t mean she likes to go out. She is the girl who breaks the traditional Sorority girl stereotype and is the one to haul in girls interested in greek life but have a misconception of it. 

She is super approachable and is the sister you go to for any boy or academic advice. She is here for a good time not a long time. 

7. Busy Bee

This sorority girl is probably a senior and has many opportunities and plans ahead of her for her future. She is probably swamped up with internships, classes, senior projects, and work. She plays an important role as a “Big” or a role model to her fellow sorority sisters.


This girl is probably the president or vice president of the sorority and her goal is to leave a sister legacy to her group. She inspires and sets the agenda for her current and present sorority sisters. She isn’t so focused on having a lot of fun but is more focused on graduation.

College is filled with many opportunities. You are exposed to so many people and so many options. College is the time to get involved and to take as many risks as possible while also having a lot of fun. You meet a lot of people from different clubs. Greek life is a huge part of the college experience. You can’t miss seeing/meeting Sorority girls in college. 

Are you in a Sorority? If so, what type of Sorority girl do you identify with most from this list? 

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