The 10 Types Of Sex Every Guy Should Have In College

College is a great place to experiment with your sex life. Here are the 10 types of sex every guy should have in college at some point!

College is a great place for you to experiment with your sex life. Not all sex is the same and there is always room for having better or worse sex than you have had before. From the classic one night stand to having sex in the library, these are 10 types of sex every guy should experience in college!

The 10 Types Of Sex Every Guy Should Have In College

1. The one night stand

It’s almost inevitable that you’ll experience the one night stand. You’ll meet that hot girl from the party or bar and before you know it, it’s morning and she’s gone. You didn’t even get her number. Enjoy it while you can.

2. Ex sex

Whether she’s visiting someone you mutually know or she goes to the same college, it is bound to happen. If you cross paths, get ready to re-visit the past.

3. Experimental sex

College is all about finding yourself, so don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Try new things with new people.

4. Terrible sex

You have to have the worst sex in order to know what the best sex is like.

5. Tipsy sex

Not drunken sex, although you’ll probably have that too despite all the articles telling you not to. Tipsy sex is better because you’re aware of what’s going on and will actually enjoy the sex.

6. Interrupted sex

It’s not college if your roommate or her roommate isn’t interrupting your sex.

7. Tinder sex

Parties aren’t the only places where you will meet potential hook ups. Swipe right and have yourself a night. Just make sure she’s down to keep things fun and isn’t looking for anything serious.

8. Home for the holidays sex

Whether it’s the ex or your high school crush, there is something about coming home for break that makes everyone really close. Instead of wondering what if, go for it. If it’s awful, you’ll be back in school in no time.

9. Place you shouldn’t have sex, sex

Your math class, the library and the gym are just a few of the places where you should try having sex in college. Just don’t get caught.

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10. Friend sex

At some point, you and the girl you’ve gotten close to (on a friend level) will push boundaries and have sex. When it happens, don’t make things weird. Keep it friendly and if you both had a good experience, go for it again.

The 10 Types Of Sex Every Guy Should Have In College

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Guys, this is the type of sex you should be having when in college

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