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The Types Of People You Saw During HallOUween Weekend

Another year, another HallOUween. From the class of 2023’s first, to the class of 2019 and 2020’s last, every HallOUween we see a slew of different characters. It’s diffidently the perfect time to engage in some people watching. From the block party on Court Street to the house parties all up along Mill, HallOUween has definitely developed a reputation for being a crazy weekend in the world of college parties. So, here’s a list of the types of people you probably saw during this past HallOUween.

1. The freshmen who had no real party to attend

To be completely honest, this was totally me and my “going out squad” last year. Mostly, if you saw a decently sized group of students huddled around a phone arguing about which house on what street they overheard was hosting the mad rager, that’s this category. Really not the ideal HallOUween experience. But once you actually get to know know upperclassmen, that’ll change. So start rubbing some elbows to any freshmen out there, so maybe next HallOUween will be a little better for you.

2. The broken up “group costume”

Now fights between friends and roommates can happen in any sort of party or going out context, but especially during HallOUween. There’s nothing more entertaining than seeing a group of friends who all went with a matching costume idea that either a) someone wasn’t totally in love with or b) are engaged in a full-blown fight that ends up with one lone Cady Heron without a crew of Plastics to sabotage. Just try and make sure you have a good group to go out with because that can make a world of difference with your experience over the weekend.

The types of people you saw during HallOUween weekend

3. The underground fart party crowd

So with all the social frats on campus getting shut down, HallOUween might look a little different this year. Mostly with way more underground frat parties. Mostly anything held in a backyard with a bunch of large tents that are bound to get shut down by police by 8 o’clock. My personal best sage advice is to just avoid them. Not worth it.

4. Those who thought were doing HallOUween

Just those people who go balls to the wall all weekend. The ones who were out in full costume by 11 am Saturday HallOUween morning. The people with at least 7 different party invites both nights. The individuals who were hosting their own party Friday night. Probably seniors that are here to make one last solid go for their swan song. Just those that are ready to vibe hard during the weekend.

5. Those who got did by it

Those same people the Sunday after.

6. The guests

There are all the jokes on Black Sheep about “the people who you haven’t talked to since high school who ask if you’ll host them for HallOUween” and it’s totally true. Typically they’re either from Ohio State or UC. But seriously it is fun to bring friends in from back home or other schools. But just make smart choices about who you choose to bring up for the weekend.

7. The sleep-deprived RA’s

Now HallOUween is just about the worst time to be an RA. The. Worst. You can’t go out, you have to deal with residents AND the guests they bring to campus, you’re working crazy shifts, like from 7 pm – 3 am, and their only additional compensation is some extra Bobcat Cash. Please remember to be kind to your RA’s, because they honestly have to deal with so much and HallOUween is just a three-day-long nightmare for them.

8. Everyone not ready for the rain

It’s Ohio. It’s October. Y’all, it’s gonna rain. And some people don’t consider that. Now, if you’re hosting your own party, obviously this isn’t going to affect you to terribly much. However, if you’re planning to party hop on a HallOUween weekend, it might be worth investing in a spooky rain poncho, especially if you were planning on hitting up the HallOUween block party. But some people just don’t prepare. Be prepared. Getting rain-induced sickness isn’t really ideal during the mid-term season.

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9. That one girl who goes to pet the horse

Every RA and LCL and pretty much any upperclassmen say to not pet the horses during HallOUween weekend. Just ask. There are a lot of additional mounted police brought in for the weekend, and the streets show that. And if you were anywhere by Valero, you probably saw all the mounted police lined up so people could come and pet them. So I guess for next year, just find where they’re putting up the impromptu petting zoo. Personally, I find it best to limit overall interaction with police during the weekend so no crazy miscommunication happens. So seriously, it’s just best to leave the horses alone. They’re tall working boys (and gals).

10. The other people just there to people watch

Like I’ve said, HallOUween is an amazing opportunity to just sit and people watch. Anyone who lives along Court Street has the perfect spot to do this. Really townies and alumni who might have come down for the weekend are typically in this group. And even some students too. Sometimes it’s just nice to observe the madness rather than engage with it. We all experience HallOUween weekend differently, but as long as you’re having a good time, you’re doing it right.

So HallOUween happened, we all made it through one way or another, and we all have our own stories. Between the costumes, the townies, the guests, and all the hype that surrounds the event, I hope last weekend lived up to everyone’s expectations.

HallOUween is a weekend to have fun, but just be safe out there. I know this article is being published afterward, but I don’t think it’s ever too late to provide some tips for how to stay safe and have fun during a party weekend. But I’ll try to get ahead of the fest season curve.

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