The Types Of Guys You Will Date In Your Twenties

The Types Of Guys You Will Date In Your Twenties

Your twenties are a time when you explore your options in the dating world. The types of guys you meet at this time all help you figure out something about yourself, and help you realize what type of guy is…well your type of guy. Here is a list of all the classic types of guys you will date during your twenties within the 21st century.

1. The Hipster Guy.

This dude will have questionable facial hair and will despise anything mainstream. He will brag about his lack of interest in social media so don’t even bother scrolling to see if he has seen your story.
Perks: He will always know the best places to eat, and you might get a cute polaroid picture to remember him by.

The Types Of Guys You Will Date In Your Twenties

2. The Frat Boy.

This boy is exclusive to your early twenties for sure. He’ll wear his hat backward at least once during your brief relationship. You’ll fall beneath his “boys” on his priority list and leave it to him to consistently avoid placing a label on your relationship.

Perks: A carefree attitude that is contagious, live every day like it’s your last…and drink like it too.

The Types Of Guys You Will Date In Your Twenties

3. The Older Guy.

This man is always well dressed and pleasantly remarks that “you’re mature for your age”. You won’t feel guilty when he pays for everything, you’ll be charmed by all his stories about his various “adventures” during his life.

Perks: No games, genuine energy, and no childish petty behavior. You might also get lucky and find one that likes to smoke cigars and drives a Benz making you feel like you have your life together by association.

The Types Of Guys You Will Date In Your Twenties

4. The Musician.

This used to be the image of the acoustic guitar playing, sweet, sensitive boy. But in the 21st century that has evolved into an aspiring EDM producer or a SoundCloud rapper type of guy. He is creative, yet broke, but his optimism has you believing for a short, fleeting moment that he might just make it and become famous.

Perks: The one thing that did not change with time…the dream to be a muse. There is nothing like having an artsy boy want to use you as inspiration for his next musical project.

The Types Of Guys You Will Date In Your Twenties

5. The Foreigner.

He is in the country on a study visa or he’s just visiting for a short while, and in this short while, he uses his accent and his broken English to make you crazy about him. You spend your dates explaining mundane ordinary aspects of your given culture to one another, it is all new, exotic, and exciting to the both of you. He dresses a little weird, is a chain-smoker, and finds your taste in music odd.

Perks: He changes your world view, gets you to become a little more political, and most likely will look incredibly sexy smoking a cigarette.

The Types Of Guys You Will Date In Your Twenties

6. The Dumb But Pretty One.

First things first…he is tan with a six pack and is over six feet tall. He has a goofy smile and you are extremely attracted to his body, yet he does not match you mentally. Your dates consist of very little talking and rest on the physical part of the relationship. But you don’t mind, because you’re in your twenties and not looking for anything serious right now anyway, he’s the perfect type of guy for that.

Perks: Indulgence. You get to explore new sides of yourself. You don’t get hung up on “where this relationship is going” because you know he is not the one.

The Types Of Guys You Will Date In Your Twenties

7. The Old Friend.

This guy maybe went to your high school, or you met him at a summer camp all these years ago. You run into each other or maybe match on tinder all these years later. He has a nostalgia element to him; he reminds you of who you once were. It is easy as he’s not a complete stranger, you feel like you don’t need to be completely polished around him. He gossips with you about people you both know from your old small town. He can become very serious or reside in the friends with benefits category. But you don’t mind, you got your old friend back.

Perks: You scratch that itch you had for years.

The Types Of Guys You Will Date In Your Twenties

8. The Nice One.

He’s just the sweetest. Says exactly what you want to hear, his vocabulary consists of only praise for you. He’s a great cuddle buddy, invites you out for brunch, and you can run errands with him. But he’s just that, the nice one, there is no passion there it’s nice to have but it’s not needed.

Perks: Good back up. Good rebound. Great hugger. Good massager.

The Types Of Guys You Will Date In Your Twenties

9. The Mean One.

This one gets on your nerves, leaves you more confused than content. Not entirely sure why you still have him in your life, he does not like labels, he disappears and resurfaces weeks apart. He is well read and well connected, he always seems busy and is often surrounded by friends…some girls you’re not entirely sure are exes, potentials, or platonic.

Perks: He says about one nice thing every five mean things, but that one is so rewarding, you stick around through the mean to get to that one nice thing.

That concludes the types of guys you will date in your twenties, Let us know in the comments below if you have dated one of these types before!

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