The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You’ll Meet At Full Sail University

Here are the Full Sail University boys and girls you will meet while attending there. Check out the types of people you'll meet!

Full Sail is not like most universities. It has accelerated programs, film sets, music studios, and high-tech classrooms. From Orientation all the way to graduation, you focus on your major and work on numerous projects to build your portfolio. But, what isn’t in the brochure is the ratio of boys versus girls. Although, Full Sail is majority male, females on campus do relate to these 8 types of people you will meet at Full Sail University.

1. The Wealthy

Since Full Sail University is a private institution, they will take anyone that can pay their tuition price. Because of this, Full Sail has a generous number of wealthy students. Some of these students are so well off, you’re not even sure why they need college. People go to college to someday have the amount of money in the wealthy students trust funds. This type of student isn’t necessarily a negative person, but for those who are on federal student loans and scholarships, it just makes us wonder if college is just another experience for them.

The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You'll Meet At Full Sail University

2. Misogynists

This is a rare few I’ve personally encountered while at Full Sail. It’s no secret that there are few females at Full Sail. There’s no logical explanation as to why some boys from the millennial generation are anti-women in the entertainment industry. However, these types of students found out really quick what it means to be without connections or friends with this archaic mindset. I hope the future females enrolling at Full Sail put a stop to it and encourage more females to be a part of the industry.

The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You'll Meet At Full Sail University

3. Party Goers

This crowd of students is both male and female, nevertheless they are always down for a good party. Full Sail University is not known for their parties, but that doesn’t mean there’s never one going on somewhere. Because Full Sail does not have any dormitories, students must rent an apartment to live near campus. With apartments comes total freedom from dormitory rules, inspections, and supervisors. The party goer students at Full Sail are constantly scheduling weekly parties despite how many projects are due by the weekend. They also come to class hungover or don’t even bother showing up because they’re too hungover.

The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You'll Meet At Full Sail University

4. Get Rich Quick Gang

This is a Full Sail exclusive type of crowd. Full Sail is all about creativity in the entertainment industry and someday being inducted into Full Sail’s hall of fame. Students come in with this notion that once they graduate they’re going to be hot-shot directors traveling all over the world and making crazy amounts of money. It’s a great motivator, but this crowd is seriously out of touch with reality.

The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You'll Meet At Full Sail University

5. The Can I Get Your Number?

If ever there is an attractive female on Full Sail campus, groups of guys are sure to pounce for her number. In high school, you’re told about the many people you’ll meet and possibly date in college, but when you go to a university of majority straight males, there’s high competition and slim pickings for them. This may be beneficial for females to have options, but after a while the act gets old.

The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You'll Meet At Full Sail University

6. The Introverts

It’s hard to believe from the outside, but is built on introverts. We’re all so creatively different that we tend to withdraw into our own world without inviting anyone else in. Introverts, like myself, have our quirks, but when it comes to class projects, it’s difficult choosing a group leader. There is such a thing as introverted extroverts meaning you’re shy towards strangers, but once you get to know them, your shyness fades and your extroverted side shines through. If an introvert at Full Sail senses this in someone in their group, they will deem them group leader.

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The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You'll Meet At Full Sail University

7. Big Spenders

Going off to college is an exciting time. You get to live on your own, create a new identity, and even get your first credit card. But, too much freedom can leave you to regretful decisions down the road. It’s great to have friends that want to hang out and go places, but without checking how much you have in the bank first may lead to trouble when paying next month’s rent. I’ve personally met people in my program at Full Sail like this where they think the only option to hang out is to eat out and spend money one time experiences. There are plenty of attractions and experiences in Orlando you can explore without spending money. But, for some reason, this group of people are so used to their family’s paid-for lifestyle, they forget to calculate in those who are living off a strict budget.

The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You'll Meet At Full Sail University

8. G.O.T Followers

Much like the groups that follow and practically worship Harry Potter, the same goes for Game of Thrones (G.O.T). At Full Sail, we go nuts when the next season of G.O.T airs on HBO. You will meet people who sympathize with different houses within the world and have strong passions about certain characters being killed off. Although my time at Full Sail has ended, I’m sure the currently attending students will cancel their plans to watch the final season of G.O.T when it airs in 2019.

The 8 Types Of Boys/Girls You'll Meet At Full Sail University

Not all students are like this. These are the types of students I’ve encountered early in my program at Full Sail University.  If you’re from Full Sail University, what kinds of people have you met? Let us know in the comments!

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