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The Type Of Print You Should Hang Based On Your Star Sign

The Type Of Print You Should Hang Based On Your Star Sign

Need a change of pace? Look no further than to your bedroom wall decor! If you feel stuck in one place or just want a little change up in your life, investing in cute wall prints that match your mood and personality is an easy, inexpensive way to change things up just enough without making a major renovation commitment. And based on your star sign, we can help you figure out which print is right for you! 


Capricorn is a dead combo of heart and soul. With your willingness to sacrifice comfort for practicality, you should look for a print that will blend modern and vintage. Minimalist takes on maps, animals, or botanical illustrations are the way to go, giving off trendy yet timeless vibes. Look for pieces with neutral color schemes plus pops of color to represent the spark inside that externally utilitarian mindset.


The super progressive Aquarius needs something that will indicate change and revolution, so look for prints that are as fact paced and forward thinking as you are! Graphic designs are the realm you should stay in, and maybe even pick up some graphics renditions of bad ass historical icons! And since your mind is always racing onto the next thing, you don’t really get as much sleep as you need…but that just means more time to look at the awesome print hanging on your wall! 


With a constant division of fantasy and reality on your mind, you look to your room as a safe haven or place of retreat. Pisces needs a print that will be soothing yet thought provoking, so look for something with cool color schemes that will explore your dreamy and spiritual side! Pisces is also an artistic sign, so with your aesthetic eye, you’ll definitely find something tasteful that represents your energy. 

The Type Of Print You Should Hang Based On Your Star Sign

Get the print: Jessica Gilbert Squamish Summit Art Print // Urban Outfitters


Motivated and ambitious, you need a statement piece that’s as confident and energetic as your personality, Aries. You need to surround yourself with reminders of what motivates or inspires you, so prints with positive affirmations or quotes are the perfect choice, and the brighter the colors the better! Go for the gold! 


Influenced by Venus, Taurus lives their best life when pampered. Luxury and comfort are your happy place, so you should pick up a print that will give off those hardcore luxe vibes…so basically anything that would make you want to hunker down in a bubble bath with a glass of wine, candles lit. You’ve got a natural flair, so finding something chic and glam should come as second nature!

The Type Of Print You Should Hang Based On Your Star Sign

Get the print: 83 Oranges Monstera Art Print // Urban Outfitters


Gemini is represented by twins because there’s so much going on in your head that the stars separated you into two people! Playful and curious, Gemini should invest in a print that will show off your creative side. But don’t go too crazy – because your life is ever changing and you’re driven by indecision, it’s easy to make things look like a total mess when you’re actually shooting for artsy. Whether it be mixed patterns or an unexpected color scheme, you need a print that’s visually stimulating and will fuel your intellectual needs!


This water sign lives by the truth that home is where the heart is, and so decor comes as second nature to you. Cancer is also expert when it comes to establishing comfort and nostalgia, so you’ll gravitate towards a print that reminds you of either home or your past (in addition to all the cute polaroids you have hanging around)! Any kind of print related to the supernatural – tarot cards or Ouija boards – will also do, as Cancers are experts at reading and detecting energies. 

The Type Of Print You Should Hang Based On Your Star Sign

Get the print: The Moon Tarot Card Print // Etsy


Theatrical. Vivacious. Over the top. When Leo walks in the room, everybody knows it. And that’s why this fire sign needs a print that’s just as showstopping as you are. Go for big, bright colors and patterns or single-word statements. Anything that will make a person stop and stare is what you should be shooting for with the print you decide to hang.


Virgos are logical and practical, so you need a print that will show off these traits! Vintage maps or anatomical drawings good options because they’re not only edgy, but will fulfill your fascination with reality and the natural world. Also, as the perfectionist sign, your wall hangings will likely be a work in progress. Get something versatile, so if you grow tired of it it’s easy to replace or to present differently.

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The Type Of Print You Should Hang Based On Your Star Sign

Get the print: Assorted Flowers // Etsy


With an obsession with symmetry, Libra should buy a print that satisfies this! Geometric patterns or minimalist vibes are the direction this air sign should take, but you can also channel that Venus influence by investing in a piece that shows off your exquisite taste and need to surround yourself with beautiful objects. Libra’s got lots of options, all of them fabulous.


Scorpio values privacy and is known for having intense passion. Your strength comes from your emotions, and you’re also incredibly intuitive. While you don’t mind being alone, your decor should basically keep you company when you retreat to your room for a quiet night in with a good book! Intense, deep colors are the palette your print should feature, and look for themes that represent your interests in hobbies – reminders of what makes you passionate. But don’t get too caught up in the details; that’s your fatal flaw.

The Type Of Print You Should Hang Based On Your Star Sign

Get the print: Fran Rodriguez Transition Art Print // Urban Outfitters


Sagittarius is always looking for somewhere to go and can have a hard time settling down. Fueled by wanderlust and your curiosity of uncharted territories, it’s no surprise that you don’t put too much thought into your room decor. However, a print that’s landscape or culture oriented might be grounding for you and give you some incentive to stay at home every once and a while! Maps or illustrations of far off places or countries you’d like to visit will give you major travel inspo and help you focus when your mid inevitably starts wandering at night! 

With the stars as your guide, you’ll definitely find the right print for you! Let us know in the comments which print you opted for! 

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