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The Truth About Remembering Who You Are And Where You Came From

The solution to remembering who you are and where you came from is very simple. Just pull out your driver’s license and if your face matches the picture, then there you go- your name and your home address right there. However, even your driver’s license will not tell you exactly who you are. The truth of the situation is that when you’re in high school, college, or even out of school, your life changes. Those changes affect your personality, and therefore, affect who you are in the present moment. However, there is a part of you that stays the same, and here are some suggestions on how to stay in touch with that part of you that never changes.

1. Go home.

We all know that the best way to remember who you are is by going home and talking to your family. Reliving old memories, and spending time with the people who know every embarrassing detail of your life, helps anyone reattach to any identity they may have lost while growing up.

2. Hang out with your old friends; or your new friends… or bring them together.

Even though hanging out with the family may be the best way for one person to reattach themselves to their identity, some people find it easier to remember who they are by getting together with friends. Your friends are the people who made you who they are, so if family time doesn’t help, your next best bet is hanging out with people just like you. Whether they are old or new friends does not matter, they know you and love you for who you are, even if you can’t remember.

3. Eat!

Comfort food…duh! Indulging in foods that make you feel good help you remember who you are. They are also good at bringing you back to good memories. As twenty one pilots say, “sometimes a certain smell will take me back to when I was young”. So do as they do, and make a candle out of it and remember where you’re from.

4. Visit places of sentimental value.

Just like eating familiar foods and seeing familiar people; visiting places that have sentimental value to you, like your high school or a friends house, will remind you of where you come from. These are the places you grew up and became who you are today. Don’t forget to visit every  so often.

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5. Separate yourself from your high school experience.

On the opposite side of happy memories, there is also the problem of remembering who you are outside of your experiences. This brings us to the fact that remembering who you are and where you come from is hard to do, especially when you categorize yourself. So even though it’s important to remember your roots, it’s also important to create yourself outside of your memories. My biggest obstacle in this was moving on from high school and embracing college.

6. Find what you love and pursue it.

To become who you are and never forget who you are, make sure that your life is shaped by everything you love. Never forget to talk to your family and visit home. Never forget your friends who made you who you are. Never forget that you are an amazing person, who knows exactly who they are and where they came from.

Those were 7 ways to remember who you are and where you came from. Anything to add? Share in the comments!
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