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The Truth About Living Alone For The First Time

The Truth About Living Alone For The First Time

After graduating, many of us move on to get our own place and really start living on our own. This is the real truth about living alone for the first time.

In a way, I have always been an independent person. I was always quick to do things on my own and not ask for help.When I started college as a freshman, living alone felt really natural. I was responsible with my time, completing my work, getting a job and paying tuition (which I was actually really bad at). Yet, at this point in life, you still are not living quite alone. Continue reading to uncover the truth about living alone for the first time. 

1. Transition Period

When I graduated a year ago, I immediately moved to New York City. I had an internship, a part-time job, and a place to live, which was through NYU Summer Intern Housing. I will say, that summer I transitioned into adulthood pretty slowly to say the least. I did not have a rent that I was responsible for, but I was making my own money, and spending all of my money on clothes; but at least I was navigating New York like a pro within a month.

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2. The Full Time Job

I moved into my first apartment in Queens that August and it slowly started to feel more real. Then I got a full-time job and something called benefits came into play and again, it was starting to feel more real. When it came down to solidifying health insurance, dental insurance and respective offices for both, that’s the part I wish my mom could just do it all for me. We get so excited to live on our own and make our own money that we forget those little things.

3. Figuring Out Your Finances

The first time I paid my rent, I was like “wow, here it is. I am adulting!” Which totally sucked because I realized how broke I was. And when the items in my refrigerator got low, I almost forgot that they do not restock themselves and my morning cup of coffee, was the most expensive habit I could’ve possibly had. (Erase Starbucks from your routine and just rely on food trucks if you really need coffee)

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4. Celebrate!

If you are just starting out living on your own, take the first week of it and just have fun and enjoy it; throw a party, paint, cook something you never made before. After all, it is only the first step of adulting and I promise you, you will not live alone your whole life, so take advantage of it now but be smart in the process.


This is the honest truth about living alone for the first. Share your experience with living on your own in the comments!
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