The Truth About Getting a Fake ID

Why does it seem that everyone has a fake ID, but whenever you ask how they got it, the answer always tends to be a vague, “from a friend.” Ever wondered why so many people have fake IDs when you consider the consequences of getting caught? And now that we’re thinking about it, what exactly are those consequences? Well, below I’ve spelled it out for you – the truth about getting fake a ID. *Please note that we strongly discourage students from getting a fake ID and drink underage as it is against the law. 

What’s the draw?

To put it simply – alcohol. The main purpose for obtaining a fake ID is to use it to get into a bar or club restricted to people ages 21 and up. Fake IDs are especially prominent in the college population, as students try to get into bars in their college towns, or purchase alcohol at a liquor store.


Seems like everyone has a fake ID

How common are fake IDs?

Although not everyone has a fake ID, statistics say that roughly about 30% of the student population will own one at some point in their college years. Also, Greek members are more likely to own a fake ID because of the increased number of social outings involving bars or other events involving alcohol.

People get fake ID's to drink underage


How can I get a fake ID?

When asked where they got their fake ID, most people respond with, “from a friend,” and while vague, most of the time it’s true. But people are wary to give out names in order to protect their source from getting in trouble with the law. Although frustrating for those who would like to buy a fake ID, it’s something you should expect. Most of the times you just have to keep searching until you stumble upon the right connection. You want to be careful with who you’re dealing with and make sure they are trustworthy people who won’t screw you over. There are websites that promise to deliver perfect replicas of fake IDs, but most of these are just scams. These types of companies can get away with it because their “clients” can’t report them – buying a fake ID is illegal after all. In all honesty though, even if you are already acquainted with the person you are purchasing a fake ID from, this does not assure you won’t be scammed – buying a fake ID is a risk in itself.

Learn how to get a fake ID

What are the risks of having a fake ID?

The risks for buying a fake ID do not just include losing your investment. If caught, you can be charged with a misdemeanor and 90 days in jail. This is not always the case and really depends on your judge. If you are using the fake ID as a fake driver’s license or to buy a firearm, this could be a felony charge and could result in 10 years in jail. The most common forms of punishment for fake IDs are fines and probation. Fines of usually $500 or less are common for first time offenders although they can be of up to $1,000; but if the charge is for a felony, then the amount can rise up to $100,000. Probation for being caught with a fake ID is usually 12 months but it can vary depending on your judge and lawyer. On the other hand, using someone else’s real ID could possibly be considered less of a crime, since it is not a forged document.


Find out the risks of having a fake ID

If you decide to get a fake ID, don’t get a fake passport!

If you were to buy a fake ID, please do not buy a fake passport. The risk for owning and using a fake passport is considered a felony.  A felony charge is not usually removed from your record and could affect your other rights as a citizen (or if you’re not a citizen – get you deported). Whatever reason you may think you have for buying a fake passport does not surpass the possible repercussions.Also do not attempt to use someone else’s real passport.

Never try and get a fake passport

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How to know if yours will “pass” inspections?

The first step is to visually compare your ID to a real one from the same state. The texture, the shininess, the plastic covering – all details you should check. On many fake IDs, the plastic covering is not long enough to cover the entire ID – a dead giveaway to those bouncers. Also keep in mind that some fake IDs do not scan, an obvious sign that your ID is not real. It’s always a good idea to have the information on your ID memorized, in case a bouncer decides to quiz you on “your” personal info.

A little heads up…

Fake IDs may seem like a good idea in the moment, but if you are the only one in your friend group to have one, than you will become the go-to person. Be prepared to make alcohol runs 24/7.


Learn what to do if you get caught with a fake ID

What to do if you get caught?

If you ever do get caught, know your rights and ask to speak to a lawyer. While arrests usually lead to misdemeanors, the charge on your record could discourage future employers from hiring you. Owning/ buying a fake ID is not advisable, and there are tons of parties on campus, 18+ bars and house parties that are tons of fun without risking getting in trouble.

Know what to do if you ever get caught with a fake ID



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