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The Trends We Will All Be Wearing This Winter

The Trends We Will All Be Wearing This Winter

Trends, The Trends We Will All Be Wearing This Winter

Tis the season, Winter is slowly around the corner.

Seasons change, and the trends follow along with it. A brand-new season does not always mean a complete wardrobe haul. But more so, a reassessment of the things you already have. Taking these pieces and adding new things to your wardrobe is a great way to build your personal style. Seeking out local consignment and thrift stores are a cost-efficient and smart way to find these trendy pieces without breaking your bank.

So, are you ready for puffer jackets, snow boots, and earmuffs? Depending on where you live, winter may look different for you.

If you are a California native, your winter may consist of shorts and long sleeve t-shirts. We are jealous of you and your 65 degree winters. If you live on the east coast and have to experience every single season…we are here for you. Experiencing all four seasons can be bittersweet. Having to transition clothing pieces from season to season can be a hassle. For our busy college students, you may not have the time to keep up with the trends. So, we are going to make it simple for you. We are going to talk about trends everyone will be wearing this winter in one article. That way, you don’t have to surf the entire internet to still be up on the trends.

I mean, that is what we are here for. To keep you guys happy, trendy and stylish.

1. Moto

Harper’s Bazaar said it first. Moto is going to kill this season. We recently just did an article on leather pants, be sure to check that out. Leather is coming back in ways we would have never imagined. Moto jackets and boots are stomping through the runways in ways we have never seen. This season, it is all about the moto look according to our friends at Harper’s Bazaar. Moto boots and jackets are a great staple to add to your wardrobe. Also, a fantastic transition piece to use season to season. What do you think?

Trends to rock this winter

Copy this look: 

trends we will be wearing this winter

2. Feathers

Feathers are back. We are diving back into the 1800s where women ruled feather hats, and clothing. They traded their traditional European style for birds and feathers. If you want to make a big statement this winter, adding feather pieces to your wardrobe is a great way to add volume to your look. We have seen feathered pants all the way to a feather dress in its entirety. Celebs like Zendaya and Tracee Ellis Ross are rocking these feather looks. Glamour Magazine has in fact stated “Big Feather Energy” is here. We love it.

Trendy Outfits this Winter

Copy this look:

trends we will be wearing this winter

trends we will be wearing this winter

3. Plaid

A girl can never go wrong with a tailored plaid suit. From schoolgirl uniforms to classic tartan blazers, plaid continues to make its way back into the fashion world. Of course, with this, we have seen many changes. Women are stepping away from the traditional plaid button-ups and skirts. Instead, we are seeing women rock plaid pantsuits more than before. This winter is going to be the season of plaid pantsuits. Whether this is a casual suit paired with some chunky dad sneakers or with a pair of high-heeled booties. Plaid is a look that seems to get better and better with each season. Having trouble finding a plaid pantsuit? Check out your local vintage thrift and browse around. The thrift has some beautiful hidden gems.

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4. Long trench

Are you a detective or bomb baddie? Long trenches have stopped being just a jacket to get you from point A to point B. They are truly a fashion statement. Trenches are a trend we are excited to see. These are pieces that can also be dressed up or dressed down. Sticking to neutral monochromatic colors is a great way to bring a trench into the winter season. These floor-sweeping coats are mysterious, sexy and classic all at the same time. If you are feeling a little funky, feel free to experiment with different patterns, colors, and textures. A trench is going to keep you warm, keep you feeling good and looking very stylish.

Trendy Outfits for Winter

Copy this look:

trends we will be wearing this winter

5. Tulle

Tulle gowns and skirts are making an appearance. This looks we have seen are feminine and liberating. Styling a tulle dress skirt can be different for everyone. If you spend most of your days running from class to class, you can edge it up by pairing your favorite pair of grunge boots to it. Possibly, some Doc Martens. You can make it a bit more casual by adding sneakers like converse or vans. Transition this look from day to night by adding a pair of your favorite heels with it. It is a great statement piece to wear out to drinks with your friends. Also, do not forget it is winter so sneak a pair of your favorite thermal legging’s underneath.

6. Bucket Hats

We are ditching the beanies this winter and bringing back the bucket hats. This is a trend we have seen a few times throughout this year. The 90’s bucket hats have established themselves. Designers like Tom Ford and Anna Sui have definitely shown they are here for this trend. These oversized bucket hats have transitioned into the winter by making them fluffy and furry. This thicker material will keep your ears warm and you looking absolutely fabulous.

As we can see, winter 2019 is a season of style staples re-emerging into the fashion industry. Celebrities, designers and everyday fashionistas are one hundred percent here for these trends. We love them but the question is, Do you? Of course, you can make these looks totally runway or revamp them in ways that fit your personal style.

If you do happen to love these trends, feel free to post yourself and tag us @Society19 we would love to see the ideas you came up with and how you made these trends apart of you. Comment letting us know what you think of these trendy looks!

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