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The Topics To Skip Talking About To Avoid An Awkward First Date

The Topics To Skip Talking About To Avoid An Awkward First Date

There are a few topics to skip to avoid an awkward first date. So, keep it positive and light and focus on getting to know your date without oversharing.

Lets be honest, first dates can be nerve wrecking and super awkward. We give ourselves anxiety wondering what the person is going to be like, how the date is going to go, and wondering if they’ll like you. And being single, you experience a lot of first dates, some good and some bad. So how do we make first dates less awkward? A first date should be positive and light and focus on getting to know your date. So when you’re on one, determine the vibe and talk about whatever you feel comfortable discussing. But remember, there are a few topics to skip to avoid an awkward first date.

1. Avoid Ex Talk

Don’t talk about how terrible or how great your ex was. It isn’t necessary! Your date isn’t there to compete with or be better than your ex. Too much of that talk can give your date the impression that you’re still interested or that you’re bitter. Save the ex talk for a little later on down the line once you’re both comfortable enough with each other to talk about your pasts.

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2. Money

Don’t talk about how much or how little you make. It can come off as you’re bragging if you talk about how wealthy you are, or it can come off as stressed discussing your financial hardships. And two things you don’t want on a date is a bragger and a headache.

3. Sex

Avoid talking about your sex life, past exploits, fantasies, or how much you date. It may give off the wrong impression to your date and is a little too personal of a conversation to lead with. Unless the two of you know you’re going to have sex that night, keep that topic in your back pocket for a couple more dates.

4. Marriage & Kids

This topic can have your date running in the other direction. Views on marriage and starting a family are very serious and remember, you’re just getting to know one another, take it easy. You don’t really know what type of person they are yet to discuss such a serious subject. So until you and your date move toward something more serious, keep these thoughts to yourself.

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5. Religion

Religion is a heavy topic that is best to avoid on a first date unless the religious stance is make or break for you. But, If the religion they follow wouldn’t have a major impact on your life, then stand clear of asking them about there faith, or lack thereof until later on.

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6. Family Background

Depending on your upbringing, you don’t want your first date to turn into a therapy session. It’s totally ok to talk about the basics, but it may be a good idea to avoid the heavier conversation of your upbringing or family drama until you know one another a little bit better.

7. Remember, DO NOT interview your date

First dates shouldn’t be crafted around auditioning a potential marriage partner. It’s a blank canvas to allow the content of your personality to shine, so don’t spend your time together drilling one another with questions. Letting the conversation flow is always best.

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We have to understand that all topics have their time, so there’s no need to rush into everything on a first date. On a first date you should discuss what you enjoy, how you spend your free time, discuss current events, talk about the things that excite you, and let your personality shine. Avoid talking about your exes, money, sex, marriage, religion, in depth family talk, and DO NOT make your date an interview.
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