The Top Tips On How To Write A Reflection Paper That Will Score You An A

Are you struggling to write reflection paper? Is the topic something that completely bores you? Here are some tips to help with this stressful process!

The Topics.

No matter what assignments were given to you throughout the semester, make sure that you immerse yourself fully into the topics. Whether you were assigned to read books or watch films, make sure that you absorbed the material. Professors can tell when students haven’t fully grasped the material by the quality of their writing. For instance, students that only make vague references to the characters and theme the works covered probably only looked at the first summaries they found online. Also, if the teacher allows you this option, make sure that you pick or create a specific topic that will be interesting to you. There’s nothing worse than being forced to write a 3,500-word essay about something that bores you to tears. So, take advantage of being about to choose the focus of your paper.


Another tip to earning an excellent grade would be to load your paper up with references. If there was a specific moment in class or while reading a certain book, make sure to include it within your paper. This will help enhance whatever point you’re attempting to get across as well as demonstrate that you were fully engaged throughout the entire course. Think of it as citing sources within a regular text but instead of random academic journals, you’re citing actual events that took place over the last few months. This is guaranteed to impress your professors while allowing you to create more content if your struggling to already do so.

Your Opinion.

A reflection paper is meant to give YOUR opinion. The professor doesn’t wanna hear the thoughts of some random researcher that you found online. While you should always do some research about your topic in order to make compelling content, never solely rely on that research while writing your paper. Whenever you reference a source within your writing, make sure that the source properly serves whatever your point you’re attempting to get across. Every student in the class has a unique perspective and the professor is interested in discovering new ways of examining the text. This is meant to show the professor that the last three months weren’t a complete waste of time. No matter if your experience was a negative one or life-changing, you must articulate how it impacted you.

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The Impact.

This is perhaps the most important aspect of your paper, how will the class influence your future self? Will you look at the world through a more open-minded lens or have you held firm in your beliefs? Now any good professor shouldn’t care about which side you lean towards as long as you can back up your views and opinions. This is literally your chance to critique your professor in an attempt to improve the classroom experience for future students. As long as your respectful, your professor should be eagerly anticipating how the positives and negatives of their impact. So, don’t pull any punches when discussing your professor’s performance!

The Key.

While I can give you a million tips on how to write a reflection paper, only you truly know how the class made you feel. Honesty is the most important aspect for sure because it makes for more compelling content. Also, for the few times that I had to write a reflection paper, my professors were more concerned with my true feelings than the technical aspects of the paper. Meaning that they were lax on the length requirement for the paper and the number of sources.

Got any more tips? Tell us below!

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