The Top Sorority Recruitment Ideas That Will Have PNMs Rushing To Join

Sorority Rush is the most important time of the year, since this is where you are going to expand the sorority’s legacy. Here are some ideas to get the potential members for your sorority immediately rushing to join you!

Plan Interactive Events In Your Station

Having some games or interactive events will definitely boost your spot in their sorority list. For example, depending on your sorority mission, you can have events that pertain to it. If your primary charity is a cancer awareness organization, then you can have a cancer trivia game in which people win prizes. When getting a reward, many sorority potential members will be drawn to your group since they will associate it with rewards.

Some other things you can do is bring baked goods or pizza for those who sign up for your sorority. You can also have food as rewards, or you can have sorority knickknacks as a reward. Some rewards can include water bottles with the Pan Hellenic Counsel label, keychains, or sunglasses. When people see them on campus and see these rewards, other sorority possible members will associate it to you and immediately head to your station.

Remember, people want to have fun. Make sure this happens if you want to keep the attention of possible members.

Top Sorority Recruitment Ideas That Will Have PNMs Rushing To Join

Be Hospitable

Your personality matters the most when approaching potential members. Try your best to be social and go around campus to spread the word. Also, try to be supportive of different situations going on with members. For example, appeal to freshman potential members since they are new on campus and promise them that you will help them adjust to how things work around there.

Being hospitable also gives you a reputation, especially to those who are new on campus. The freshman members all talk to one another to help each other and give advice; therefore, keeping a good reputation will allow other members to hear good words about you and head to your station. People will appeal to sociable, sweet, and caring sororities, so try to represent your values into how you present yourself.

Top Sorority Recruitment Ideas That Will Have PNMs Rushing To Join

Rep Your Letters

Show off your letters and be proud of who you are! This is very important since this will demonstrate that the sorority is prideful of their name, and it will show the potential members that it is possible that the sorority has a great reputation on campus.

Pride is very important in a sorority campaign. This will demonstrate the true school spirit that exudes out of the organization. Many students only join sororities so they can represent their school and they can show how important campus life is to them. Sorority life is a very important aspect of a campus, so keeping Greek pride will show a true devotion to all of the possible recruits.

The Top Sorority Recruitment Ideas That Will Have PNMs Rushing To Join

Have Some Elements Of Design

Trying to include colorful posters and decorations will catch the eye of any potential member. These designs will also help the girls choose sororities that will pop out easier to them and so you have a higher selection pool. Think of this as a marketing strategy and what is the best way to appeal to the most members.

Along with that, some people include color wars in their sorority recruitments so that you can have a colorful event to attract members.

If you have a cool design on shirts or sweaters, you can also appeal to members since they will love the design and they will want to join a sorority that cares about their merchandise.

The Top Sorority Recruitment Ideas That Will Have PNMs Rushing To Join

What are some ideas you have to help sorority rush? What has worked best for you? Tell us in the comments!

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