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The Top Signs You’re Definitely From Dallas

The Top Signs You’re Definitely From Dallas

Dallas is one of the biggest cities in the lone star state. It is full of all kinds of different people from many cultures and backgrounds. Most people from Dallas are proud of their city and are not afraid to show it. Dallasites can usually tell if someone is from their city just by a few characteristics. Here are a few signs that you are from the great city of Dallas.

1. You Understand Dallas is 45 Minutes Away From Dallas

Dallas is a huge city that continues to grow every year. There are many districts that spread far and wide. If you grew up here then you probably had friends from all over Dallas county. You also probably know some of those friends live over 30 minutes away even though they are still from Dallas.

If you are from the South Dallas neighborhood of Oak Cliff and you want to drive to Far North Dallas, it will take you anywhere from 30 to 45 minutes to get there with little traffic. Sometimes it can be over an hour with rush hour traffic. People that come to visit Dallas are often surprised by how big the city really is. On the reverse, some people from Dallas are often shocked by how small other cities are in comparison. There are almost twice as many people living in Dallas than in the entire state of Wyoming!


2. You Realize How Big Football Season is

The Dallas Cowboys were once called Americas Team and Dallas football fans take that very seriously. You can almost feel something change once football season starts. Dallas Cowboys decals are on tons of cars, Cowboys flags are flying outside people’s houses, and you see more Cowboys jerseys than T-shirts when you visit your local bar.

Dallasites are not just loyal to professional football, they also follow local high school and college football teams as well. It is not uncommon to see a high school football game on T.V. when flipping through the channels. People attend high school football games to show their support even if they didn’t go to that high school. It is almost like you were transported to another world there is so much football hype.


3. You Have an Undying Love for Tex-Mex

Dallas has a small obsession with Tex-Mex food. If you say you are from Dallas and don’t like eating tacos or chips and queso, then most Dallasites will not believe you are a local. There are tons of great Tex-Mex restaurants, food trucks, and even stands all around the Dallas metroplex. If you go to certain neighborhoods you will find 24-hour taco huts inside many gas stations.

Mexican food and Tex-Mex has always been a big part of the Dallas culture. Dallas hosts many festivals celebrating the Mexican style of cooking. There are over 5 taco and margarita festivals a year and even more celebrating other Mexican cuisines. If you are a Tex-Mex lover than Dallas is the place to be.


4. The Weird Fried Food at the State Fair Doesn’t Bother You.

One thing the State Fair of Texas is known for is the bizarre fried food they serve every year. When people from out of state hear about fried Oreos and Twinkies, they are confused and somewhat disgusted. One of the strangest dishes at the state fair is fried butter. Again, for non-locals, this sounds gross, but Dallas locals view it as a delicacy (this honestly might be why Dallas has an obesity problem).

Dallas eaters are pretty adventurous and will eat almost anything as long as you put it in a fryer. The state fair knows this and continues to make weird fried that are specifically targeted to Texans and Dallasites. If you want to try something new and get a taste of Dallas, then you need to take a trip to the state fair.


5. You are not a Fan of Houston

Dallas and Houston have had a bitter rivalry for many years. This rivalry goes far beyond local sports teams. You can see it in music, city pride, and pretty much everything else you can imagine. Some Dallas restaurants even despise other Houston restaurants. Most people don’t know where this rivalry started. Some people say it started with local rappers while others blame it on sports. One thing is for certain, Dallasites are not big fans of Houston.

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6. You Are Tired Of The Constant Construction

Dallas has grown astronomically in the last 20 years. The city has grown in both population and business requiring an insane amount of new buildings, apartments, and roads. The amount of construction going on in Dallas is unbelievable. Anyone who has driven on the LBJ Freeway will tell you that it is a living hell getting through all the construction.

New buildings are also popping up everywhere as well. In the Bishop Arts District, there are many new shops and businesses that have been built over the last 5 or so years. Dallas somewhat has an out with the old and in with the new mentality when it comes to non-historic (and sometimes historic) buildings. This growth is great for city revenue but most Dallasites just want some peace and quiet.


7. You are a Mix of Country and Urban.

Many people try to put Texas into 2 categories; country folk or city people. The thing is most people from Dallas do not fall in either category. They are urban enough to go to any major big city without being overwhelmed but also country enough to enjoy a relaxing day on a ranch. This mix helps define the Dallas culture. You will see a country 2-step hall next to a neon-lit techno club. The blend of country and city helps distinguish Dallas from many other Texas cities.


Dallas is a big city that continues to grow every day. Dallasites are unique people that are very passionate about their city. If you are from Dallas and think we missed anything on this list, feel free to tell us in the comments below.

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