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The Top Five Ways To Quickly Fall Asleep

Falling asleep and getting a night of rest is essential for your health. Getting the proper amount of sleep will not only give you energy, but will also assist with stress regulation, heart health, and hormone balance. With that being said, sometimes it can be tricky to shut off your mind and get that much-needed shut-eye. Here are the top five ways to quickly fall asleep! 

1. Practice Mindfulness Meditation

The first step to mindfulness meditation is to find an appropriate place to meditate. Most commonly, a meditator will create a designated space that is free from all distractions. A room that is quiet and free from big messes is best. 

Once you have this designated space, sit cross-legged on the floor or on a comfortable chair. This sitting position is most popular when practicing mindfulness meditation. When sitting cross-legged on a steady surface such as this, energy in your body is more apt to move. This results in the feeling of being grounded to the Earth and within yourself. 

Setting a timer is also encouraged when practicing mindfulness meditation. By setting a timer, you are more likely to be focused on the meditation and will get the most out of the practice. Once the timer has started, you are ready to begin mindfulness meditation. 

To sum it up, pay attention to your breathing when meditating. Pay attention to the feeling of the breath coming into your body and how it feels to exhale the breath. If you get distracted when doing this, whether thinking about your day or what tasks you still have to do, give yourself grace and gently redirect yourself to your breaths again. 

Once the mindfulness meditation practice is completed, a decrease in heart rate and stress levels will occur. All in all, your nervous system is prepared for sleep after mindfulness meditation. If this practice is consistently practiced, not only will your sleep schedule improve but you may also experience a decrease in anxiety, depression, and addictive habits. 

2. Create A Nighttime Routine

By creating a nighttime routine, your brain is more likely to differentiate the day from the night. A nighttime routine can signal to your brain that it’s time to rest and relax.  

For starters, begin your nighttime routine at the same time every night. If your day allows it, set your phone’s alarm at night two hours before your bedtime. Once the alarm goes off, start your nighttime routine. 

There are many different things that you can include in your nighttime routine. Finding routines that are most enjoyable for you or ones that help you wind down the fastest is best. This may result in some trial and error but there are a few basic routines!

Tasks that you can complete within this two-hour time frame are taking a bath, reading a book, drinking herbal tea, and any other practice that is included in this article. 

The longer you do a nighttime routine, the easier it gets! Soon, your brain will create a habit of winding down at your set alarm, and falling asleep quickly will become natural. 

3. Avoid Nighttime Screen Time

It is recommended that you avoid screen time for up to one hour before you plan to go to sleep. This is due to the delayed release of melatonin that screen time causes. This delay impacts sleep because melatonin is what facilitates our transition from being awake to sleeping. 

Screen time is also known to generally keep people entertained and distracted before bed. This can make it a struggle to wind down. Screen time causes unnecessary stimulation to the brain and results in a disrupted sleep schedule and difficulty falling asleep. 

Avoiding screen time at night can also help prevent the diagnosis of insomnia. There have been several studies done that have linked nighttime screen time to the development of this sleeping disorder. To not add fuel to the fire, avoid nighttime screen time to quickly fall asleep.

Protecting your sleep quality and daily energy can be done with the regulation of nighttime screen time. To put it simply, once you are ready to begin your nighttime routine, put your phone on the charger and leave it! 

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4. Take Sleep Gummies

Taking sleep gummies short-term is safe for all who have occasional issues falling asleep. The brand Olly has the Olly Sleep Gummies that can assist with short-term treatment for falling asleep quickly. The Olly Sleep Gummies contain three main ingredients.

The melatonin in the Olly Sleep Gummies promotes healthy sleep cycles. Melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that works perfectly with your body’s chemistry to ensure a good night of rest. 

L-Theanine is also formulated in the Olly Sleep Gummies. L-Theanine is an amino acid that calms your mind. By having this included in the gummies, your mind will have an easier job of winding down and finding some quiet.  

Lastly, Olly Sleep Gummies are composed of different botanicals. All botanicals included in the sleep gummies have been known for centuries to help relax the mind. Botanicals in the sleep gummies are chamomile, passionflower, and lemon balm. 

5. Play Calming Music

Playing calming music before bed has been linked to a sense of relaxation and a better quality of sleep. There are a variety of biological factors that are changed by playing calming music. Studies have shown that calming music lowers the heart rate and decreases blood pressure. Both of these biological factors promote improved sleeping schedules and better chances of falling asleep quickly. 

Finding calming music to play before bed shouldn’t be hard. If you are okay with playing the music from your phone or bedroom television, looking at music streaming services is convenient and free. There are hundreds of sleeping playlists readily available on YouTube and Spotify. 

Another option for playing calming music is having a sound machine. There are multiple different sound machines that you can purchase. One of the most popular sound machines today is the Hatch Restore. In addition to playing soothing sleep sounds, the Hatch Restore also has a sunrise alarm, reading light, meditation app, and more. 

Do you have any tricks that help you to fall asleep quickly? Spill your secrets below!

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